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Secrets Of Public Health Public Policy Planning To Combat Pandemics.

A Pandemic is on the Horizon.  An ocean away on the next continent and likely to be be infecting anyone who has no existing immunity and no one on the planet has any immunity.  What is is your public health game plan?

First you have to realize that the public won't even believe there is any danger .  Step one scare the public to death.     Tell them the coming virus will turn everyone into flesh eating zombies otherwise the general public won't understand.   Next confirm the impending danger.  Never ever compare a coming pandemic with the annual Flu.  It confuses everyone.   The only thing anyone needs to know is if you become infected your skin falls off , you die and become a flesh eating zombie.  Isolate yourself but be sure to take public transportation because that saves the environment.

Next explain to the public what asymptomatic means.  If you extrapolate a geometric progression to its logical total saturation point of population infections that is what happens with or without models with flattening curves.  Everything is going to Hell. Be Honest.  There is no cure and there may never be a cure . It could be worse.  It could be air-born ebola and not covid something.  Tell politicians to mind their own business. The last time the government really helped with a pandemic was when the City State of Athens fell and after that Rome Crumbled.

Wait out some possible vaccine or cure?  Isolate yourself far away from civilization because civilization is going to become uncivilized. 

The group psychology of pandemics can be more deadly than the actual virus or what ever other infection.  Everyone will attempt to game the situation to maximize personal gain while advertising that their intentions are pure altruism.   Some people will become exceedingly instantly rich finding opportunity in an out of control epidemic while others just drop dead.  Socialism will become  popular  . It is like sharing a disease , sickness and failure with a lot of other people.  Typical socialism....good or the soul.


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