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Covid -19 Should Forever Change Epidemiology and Government Response Not Just To A Major Pandemic But To Annual Flu Season.

 It is strange how it seems to be acceptable that some 100,000 to 200,000 people annually in the USA die with the common Flu as a major factor.  As The US, alone, nears 200,000 deaths from Covid -19 going on to say half a million and probably more than that in due time, It is time to reconsider how we deal with the concept of public health.  It seems strange for 100,000 to 200,000 deaths related to the Flu to be acceptable annually.   The public health movement in the US started with what used to be real and not fantasy environmental issues starting with clean potable water and a safe sewage system for urban areas.  We quickly forget that less than 160 years ago in parts of the United States there were still towns and cities that did not street paving.  It is strange how present day Marxists who are also strident Environmentalists are now against semi rural living  like suburbs that Karl Marx called for in his manifesto and are now for super high density cities that cram people closer than sardines.  This is totally antithetical to what should be called for to prevent future pandemics and diseases like the cold and flu.  It is interesting to watch people wearing masks and keeping absurdly defined social distancing because of Covid 19 wearing those masks as emblems of state expansion into our every day private lives.

Reality is that we have human petri dishes that include public transit and big government plans to save the environment by encouraging super high density urban living.  Other big government human petri dishes are prisons, schools, higher education , and public meetings.  Every year with one or more new strains of flu we should be protecting people most at risk of getting badly sick or dying from the flu starting with nursing homes.  people who work in nursing homes should never come to work sick and should be temperature checked before entering a facility and this is just for the Flu  annually.  Physic therapists should not be going from facility to the next facility or for home visits because they can spread a variety of illnesses themselves .  

I have seen young children in schools slobbering all over one another playing and that is one big petri dish.  I lived in a household were children did bring back colds and flu from school to home annually .


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