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Physical Gold in Storage Can Now Generate Significant Income Sitting In Storage. Gold ETFs like GLD from SPDR Could Make A Mint.

 IF SPDR IS interested in actually generating cash income from stored physical gold in storage. I will show them how and provide a design that facilitates maximum annual income.  Funds from Gold Storage can lower costs for the ETF and even provide income to owners of the ETF shares.    When I was a kid we paid the fee to enter the tower of London to see the Treasury there and the Royal jewels.  SPDR can make nearly as much money from creating a public access though the storage vault as the Willis Tower / Sears Tower in Chicago generates from having people take the elevators to the observation deck.  People will pay to get to see a lot of gold in storage.  They will pay as much as my estimate of $6 to $9 dollars per adult as tourists for admission .  The US government can also generate tons of money by allowing tourists to visit Fort Knox but they are unlikely to create the experience since Fort Knox is a military facility.    The  Gold can be divided in to three tourist locations. One in Chicago, NYC and London.    It is possible to design the experience for a walk though and even have some welded together walls of gold and a pyramid of Gold bricks that people can touch and even benches to sit on.   Add some information boards and a few exhibits and of course a gold gift shop where even an etf certificate of actual ownership can be purchased and the gold will generate substantial income.  I created several museums that were a success already.  This one would be a killer tourist trap.  Oh to get that solid gold toilet and put it on display in the men's room!  It could be so successful that the ETF would generate cash flow from Gold instead of having to cost owners for storage and security . Oh and security is a big part of the game.  People want to see the added security.  The elevator down to the vault can be gold plated inside and the smell of gold can be accentuated .  I would bet with an exhibit and facility around 5000 sq feet over 1000 paying customers would come though .  Once the initial opening happens later on it can be up graded to keep the tourists coming.  A gold cafe can be added....and there is always something fun kids can do with gold leaf in a museum setting.   Putting all the gold on physical display is a winner.  Another use for gold could be some kind of battery on the electric grid but that would not generate as much money as tourism.  Costs may include finding a location for an extra large vault and rigging it with ever more security than a vault that has no viewing.  That will get paid back fast and it will also facilitate sales of more gold ETF shares .


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