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Secrets Of Public Health Public Policy Planning To Combat Pandemics.

A Pandemic is on the Horizon.  An ocean away on the next continent and likely to be be infecting anyone who has no existing immunity and no one on the planet has any immunity.  What is is your public health game plan?

First you have to realize that the public won't even believe there is any danger .  Step one scare the public to death.     Tell them the coming virus will turn everyone into flesh eating zombies otherwise the general public won't understand.   Next confirm the impending danger.  Never ever compare a coming pandemic with the annual Flu.  It confuses everyone.   The only thing anyone needs to know is if you become infected your skin falls off , you die and become a flesh eating zombie.  Isolate yourself but be sure to take public transportation because that saves the environment.

Next explain to the public what asymptomatic means.  If you extrapolate a geometric progression to its logical total saturation point of population infections that is what happens with or…
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Antifa Now Killing the symbol of the Country The Bald Eagle. Nothing is safe .


Station Master Kitten Like Tama Listed for $60,000 May Be Female.

As of about 4 weeks from the publication of this article the two "patch work quilted" kittens were born.    Listed for $60,000 for the pair.  Have a very nice disposition and are certain to be  wonderful pets.  Tama was the former station master cat in Tokyo:  compare the photographs.  Here are photos of  the new kittens and other cats living with them.

Facebook and Instagram Are Likely To Be Permanently Shut Down by August 20, 2020 Because Of Human Trafficking On A Scale Never Seen Before.

Facebook and Instagram have gone on to do what Craigslist Stopped doing to protect itself from Human Trafficking laws in the USA.  Now These online services have become the largest human and under age sex traffickers on earth.  Facebook and Instagram are also responsible for countless riots, violent protests and looting around the earth.  It is as dangerous as Adolf Hitler having discovered the medium of radio in the 1930s.   A quiet investigation in to these charges is ongoing and one should sell all one's financial interest in the company immediately because the secret pending date for closure is August 20 , 2020.  This is partly speculative but one thing is clear the human trafficking is an utter abomination.  The same organization driving Black Lives Mater protests around the world is the biggest sex and human trafficker on earth and profiting from the practice in a way they would be the envy of slave traders though out all of history. 

Folks it may be closing for ever. 

Act t…

Glow in the dark kittens for sale on craigsslist....

Korean Glow in the dark GMO Kungflu Kittens (beaverton)

Ending endless riots and violent protests is easy.

Both Russia and China figured out that the protests around the planet were  growing in frequency and in duration.  Starting with the wave of so called Arab spring protests and going to the orange vest protest in Paris and France, protests in Iran, and now Antifa and BLM protests that never seem to end the Russians and Chinese governments quickly realized smart phones in every pocket were the cause.  In no other time in history could so many people become part of the logistics of a planned protest movement.  The Chines , Iranians , Egyptians and Russians , Turks, and more found they only had to shut down cell phone service to end the underlying organization of these spontaneous group behaviors.  The Chinese and Russians as well as the Iranians wanted totally off the world internet grid and have created their own outside of the sphere of the world wide web or they still can just shut down the service entirely.  If police in the USA need to control violent never ending protests they have…

Finally A Real Cure For Athletes Foot Fungus When Applied To Infected Skin, Calluses

An Accidental discovery  at Lex Labs At UFOM in Portland Oregon  and We have the topical cure for  Athlete's foot fungus.    It was a complete surprise that it works and it may even kill fungus in toe nails took as we have sort term data on that.  The ingredients are combined in a water soap base and that is still proprietary but I will list the apparent active ingredients.  If it works for you you can send a donation by PayPal to  or send a message to purchase the pending patents or obtain other interesting new inventions and discoveries from Lex Labs.  Combine ingredients in a distilled water base apply to skin rub in and wash off.

Ingredients are: Petrolatum, Acrylic Copolymer,  Distilled Water, Ammonium Chloride DMDM Hydantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA. And some proprietary ingredients .

Once a day application and rinsing it off and in a week the fungus disappears  and the calluses diminish and it is too soon to say but it seems the toe nail fungus is more slowly…