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Being an seller is like working for Vladimir Putin

 I have been an amazon seller for more than five years and have had a store on Amazon most of that time paying  $39.95 per month for the access.  Having the store permitted me to sell with slightly lower fees paid to Amazon for their services.  Nothing beats the exposure to large populations of buyers as Amazon but the trade-off is everything else.   I worked ok but then Amazon started to get more AI involved in determining what and how I could sell and at what price I could sell it for.  Some time ago I had a bath salt kit listed for sale and it was removed because their pre-AI bots decided it was something to do with illegal drugs and that was just one of many subsequent items to be removed from my inventory.  I am a reseller like many amazon sellers and sometimes my article for sale is new in the original sealed package. If I list it as new now the AI sales sensors/censors remove the item giving me a message I have stolen intellectual property and constantly pester me with emails ab
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Worst Thing That Can Happen Developing Artificial Intelligence.

 Artificial Intelligence is one of the most hyped fields in technology which like Quantum Computing never is quite the reality projected.   Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all about simulating intelligence and the word simulation is key.  Creating simulated intelligence for problem-solving is not giving machines control over their environment. We humans believe we have such control over the environment but not really so.  We are part of our environment we breathe air to survive and thrive that comes from the environment. We might have to create our own air on another planet but here on earth we are part of the environment created by nature and our influence on nature is natural.  It is not our brain size but our fingers for prestidigitation that allows us to modify some local environmental attributes.  Our intelligence and what we see as intelligence is how we deal with the environment including each other. So if a machine is to have true intelligence it enters an envi

"Warp Speed" Space-Engine now possible with 'quantum' alternating / reversing electromagnetism.

Having a like magnetic charge in more than one place at one time is key to a warp speed.  Producing and distributing the like charge to opposing interfaces possibly from a single source is what makes it work.  Magnet same-charge resistance gives the thrust required.  A very high-power magnetic field requires a high energy source. In a vacuum no need for streamlining to accomplish this.  The resistance then has to be uneven but of the same like charge for propulsion forward or the object propelled will just standstill. Alternating from positive to the negative charge in the opposing interfaces can give an extra kick by excusing both ends of the polarity for thrust at the same time.  So you get the force of both sides of the magnetic field at the same time instead of using just one side of the polarity for maximum thrust.  I have no idea what the maximum trust could be because the power of the magnets involved determines this. This would be the first explanation for why any alien would b

Craigslist is Dead! Long Live

  Craigslist committed suicide.  It can be next to worthless now.  It can by Robo action and semi AI decide what you can and can't sell even if it is completely legal to sell.  Trolls flag and remove just about any ad for no reason given.  It is not true that Craigslist has not changed since its inception.  Now they cross the line on keeping ads anonymous by requiring a linked telephone account for some users.  This is totally fake account security. They have what seems to be call centers in India where no one speaks English flagging and removing ads and tagging posters as abusive.  They have no understanding of the sense of humor or idiom.  You put up an ad to sell nuts. flagged and removed.  Somedays yes some days no.  In politics, they decide what is politics and what is not politics now.  That is just insane.  The platform is next to worthless now.  High Ad prices in some categories or your ads subject to wokism by perma-trolls who flag and remove just about anything.    But fo

Kittens and Cats. Too many Covid Kittens in 2021. Not able to get them fixed in 2020 results were 27 kittens.


Photos Autumn Spiders in Columbia River Gorge.


The Truth about Greenhouse Gas Climate Change Is That All The Alternatives May Cause More Surface Warming Than Co2.

  Hey folks, the fine print about greenhouse gas theory and resulting 'climate change" is not that your burn fossil fuel and have excess energy but that we retain energy from sunlight longer instead of reflecting it out into space we retain it because part of the atmosphere either has added kinetic energy of motion or it radiates infrared light later after absorbing visible light spectrum. It is a pretty stupid theory saying that trace amounts of co2 and methane can do all that warming. water vapor can do the same thing as that powers hurricanes and tornados better than co2 possibly can. co2 is transparent which means it is hardly absorbing any visible light spectrum and it is casting no shadow. So then you go through the alternative energy solutions proposed and even carbon capture and all of them retain more energy for later release near the surface as infrared emissions. your Tesla batteries hooked up to solar farms are particularly good at warming the earth. You get