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The New Linear Quantum Spectrum Periodic Table.

 The new periodic table has multiple linear stings of elements and yes the same elements on different strings. It starts to resemble of all things a DNA molecule.  Very long and very interconnected.  It relates everything on the periodic table, Quantum numbers, Quantum effects, phases of mater and temperature gradients, and the entire electromagnetic spectrum.  It takes a powerful computer to put it together. What it does that the present models don't do is help to predict a lot of unknown quantities at various periodic probabilities.  It is a kind of physics map.  The assumption that matter itself already has vested energy that is the energy of light and that light is not transmitting energy but rather pure code is what it is for. It will show the DNA of at least our part of the universe.  It is not just an analogy. If photons are pure code and the reactive properties of mater are the physics relating to the spectrum, the periodic properties of mater and quantum characteristics sh