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New Laws of Physics: Understanding The Photon as Pure Code That Neither transmits Energy nor has any sort of Mass.

Science is about schematic thinking. To accomplish that we need semantics. That is language to communicate descriptions of observations. Much of those schematic mental concept descriptive sematic ideas are pure analogy.  That is something being like something else we know and then we find that word for that something else.  That's where the idea of 'energy' or work comes from when it comes to the observation of photons and the idea that photons are ton or tons is because we imagine them as particles with some sort of mass.  It is all analogy sort of like drawing a cartoon of a politician with certain recognizable features or even becoming a more descriptive cartoonist and imagining teen age mutant turtles as photons.. Anything can have extra elaboration added.  The Lex Principles in new Lex New Laws of physics  attempts to simplify the schematics and language or semantics required to more accurately portray the phenomena observed in nature.  At least try.... Starting with

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