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COVID-19 Upper Respiratory Complications May In Part Be An Allergic Reaction To The Virus

Doctors do no harm but do consider that Loratadine/Claritin maybe the solution to the Covid-19 problem.  It is over the counter.  I have used it myself on what seemed to be my own cold symptoms and it worked.  After popping the pill with those almost immediate effects I read up it and it is not supposed to have any effects on the common cold.  So maybe I actually had an allergy with the same symptoms I would recognize for a cold. Now I suspect that people might become allergic to the Covic-19 virus with upper respiratory soft tissue reactions....  that could be severe allergy on top of the virus to the virus itself.  That can explain why children have greater immunity than  adults in general because adults may be more allergic to the cold virus than children who have had less exposure over years.  There is little harm in trying this over the counter medication .  I am not an MD and don't take my word for it but it has worked for me in the past and in the last couple of days from