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Photons are nothing but code...transponders of code.

I just figured out what photons really are.  At least I clarified the definition.  They are just code.  Coded imprints of angular momentum.  Photons absolutely do not exist until mater collides with them so there is no energy in transition at least none that can be measured or sensed until the code is received.  Hey we do the same thing with radio waves, light pulses , microwave radiation pulses.  So photons do have properties as a rather symbolic code more than being energy . Yes they can impart energy but not until mater is also involved which does mean they are code and a coding mechanism .  I rather think exclusively so.  (I am still figuring it out though)  So when we get radiation we are seeing code being sent out from a material source and this code imprints the angular momentum of mater principally atoms and their component parts. The imprinted code radiates out and will not interact with other photons in space but it will if absorbed for any length of time, including what is c

The Shrinking Universe: Apparent Rapidly increasing expansion of the Universe Can Be Explained Otherwise.

The apparent rapid increasing expansion of the Universe can be explained as something entirely different happening.  I have always believed it is an illusion created by out attempting to systematize our observations in a schematic fashion.  My observation is entirely different.  I try to be empirical about everything in science.  Professors talk about the expansion of the Universe as being like raisons in bread dough that is rising and expanding.  Everyone who believes in the expansion thesis discounts galaxies and other known gravitational structures in space as immune from the expansion as if they are the raisons in the dough.  Sounds really tasty and smells like yeast.  I however, instantly , see an other cause for apparent expansion , even expansion of ever  increasing velocity , even infinite expansion.   That happens to be pretty simple:  Suppose all the gravity centers in the Universe are causing space in their immediate vicinities defined by the areas seen between gravitatio