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How to turn your Tesla / electric car into a Hybrid. Never waiit more than 7 minutes for a charge.

 Yes, there is room in the trunk to turn your Tesla into a hybrid so you never have to wait very long to charge it.  You get a multi-fuel generator that fits in the trunk some take both propane and gasoline.  You also have to cut a hole in the trunk for an exhaust fan and completely seal the trunk so no fumes get in the car.  Not easy to do. If you can't do it you get a trailer hitch and mount the generator on that....well at least until ionizing nuclear batteries are available to generate electricity. Nuclear batteries are available but you also need as much as 200 lbs or more of radiation shielding. So you mount your generator on a trailer behind the car. It rolls behind the car and you won't breathe the fumes unless you are in reverse.  Get out of the car and pull the drawstring to start the generator and then go back in the car and start it.  Make sure the generator is completely tied down to the trailer and then go.  Now you have a hybrid and all you need to do is pick of

Fixing Schoeder's Cat Thought Experiment for the Sake of the Physics of Superposition . No paradox necessary.

 Schoeder's media famous Thought experiment ending in the pronouncement that a cat can be both dead and alive at the same time is no paradox.  It was  Freudian bait for students and the media to enjoy the morbid thought of a cat being killed in an experiment. Schoeder could have chosen to but a rat or a snake in the box and not a nice cat.  It is not the state of the cat that really matters in the experiment.  The cat is put in a box with a vile of poison that can kill the cat only if some radioactive substance also in the box has it's radioactive discharge at the time the cat is in the box causing the vile of poison to break open and kill the cat.  That is rather complicated.  Today we have sensors like Geiger counters we can put in the box instead of the cat so we need no poison to kill anything and we can get a wireless Bluetooth notification that the radiation has occurred in the box without ever opening it.  No wires coming out of the box today.  I really don't underst