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Fixing Schoeder's Cat Thought Experiment for the Sake of the Physics of Superposition . No paradox necessary.

 Schoeder's media famous Thought experiment ending in the pronouncement that a cat can be both dead and alive at the same time is no paradox.  It was  Freudian bait for students and the media to enjoy the morbid thought of a cat being killed in an experiment. Schoeder could have chosen to but a rat or a snake in the box and not a nice cat.  It is not the state of the cat that really matters in the experiment.  The cat is put in a box with a vile of poison that can kill the cat only if some radioactive substance also in the box has it's radioactive discharge at the time the cat is in the box causing the vile of poison to break open and kill the cat.  That is rather complicated.  Today we have sensors like Geiger counters we can put in the box instead of the cat so we need no poison to kill anything and we can get a wireless Bluetooth notification that the radiation has occurred in the box without ever opening it.  No wires coming out of the box today.  I really don't understand the experiment thus.  they had Geiger counters back then too though not digital and not likely having a memory.   None of that is my point nor my reason for this article. I do want to say what Schoeder's famous cat in box thought experiment is lacking is a control experiment.   A control experiment would be the box with the vial of poison and the radioactive source inside and no cat.  Open the box and the vial of poison is either intact and not broken due to the radiation or it is broken and if a cat was inside the cat would be dead. If no cat and the vile was broken then NO cat would have been both dead and alive before opening the box.  The cat is safe outside the box unless he gets hit by a car instead.  

YES. So what?  Nothing except what the original Schoeder experiment is supposed to be proving.  Uncertainty.  Ambivalence.  Freud used the word Ambivalence to say something about the human psyche.  Schoeder has a problem with Ambivalence.  It's like having one's cake and eating it too. Having one's cat alive and dead at the same time.  Having positive and negative feelings at the same time.  But were talking physics, not psychology.  Can an atom or a subatomic particle have or act as if it is in a state of ambivalence?  I don't think so.  And actually, I think I can prove it without saying something like "does God play dice with the universe?"  I have experimental evidence that is a much better analogy because it is superposition and we do it every single day.

The electrolysis of water and a lot of other things.   Most of our elements in the periodic table of elements were isolated and discovered using an electric charge and a process called electrolysis.   That's important because our view into the physics of matter is entirely related to using an electric current to ascertain the properties of atoms.  That is what superposition in quantum mechanics is about.  So let's go back to seeing the weird nature of matter from the very beginning of our search for elements in the history of modern science.  

An electric current passing through water will cause hydrogen to bubble up along one lead in the water and oxygen, separately at a distance from the hydrogen lead to bubble up along the other wire in the wire. One is a positive wire and the other a negative wire.   Somewhere in between the wires is just water but no gases bubble up in between. in the water, oxygen appears to be coming out of nowhere and hydrogen out of nowhere in separate places with nothing happening that is visible in the middle. No mix of gases coming out of the water elsewhere.  There is Superposition and an apparent paradox until you explore what may really be happening in the water the electrodes are inserted into.  You might observe the water heating up possibly?  The water is clear, transparent in between. you see no turbulence except for the bubbles rising and popping over each of the inserted wires.  That is kind of an analogy to a cat in the box except there is no cat to see there.  the atmos in between are not both there and not there or even there and broken into bits either. The electric current is sending a signal, code if you prefer, for electrolysis to occur and the atoms are not both live and dead they are still normal water molecules. So where are the water molecules being dissassembed?  Seems like magic the more you watch it.


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