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Finally A Real Cure For Athletes Foot Fungus When Applied To Infected Skin, Calluses

An Accidental discovery  at Lex Labs At UFOM in Portland Oregon  and We have the topical cure for  Athlete's foot fungus.    It was a complete surprise that it works and it may even kill fungus in toe nails took as we have sort term data on that.  The ingredients are combined in a water soap base and that is still proprietary but I will list the apparent active ingredients.  If it works for you you can send a donation by PayPal to  or send a message to purchase the pending patents or obtain other interesting new inventions and discoveries from Lex Labs.  Combine ingredients in a distilled water base apply to skin rub in and wash off. Ingredients are: Petrolatum, Acrylic Copolymer,  Distilled Water, Ammonium Chloride DMDM Hydantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA. And some proprietary ingredients . Once a day application and rinsing it off and in a week the fungus disappears  and the calluses diminish and it is too soon to say but it seems the toe nail fungus is more sl

Putting Quantum Entanglement To Use With A Patent Application That Will Allow Flying Cars and Floating Cities in the Air.

I am in the process of patenting a real use for Quantum Entanglement that allows for flying cars and cities that float in the air like in so many different science fiction movies .  Yes really.  Flying cars and trains, and buildings and even people with a simple back back flying / floating in the atmosphere here on earth.  Have you ever ridden a bicycle?  If you make a sharp turn banking the bike you can lean in to the curve with the bike tilted and not fall of. Your center of gravity shifts with your angular momentum.  I called it dimensional expansion when I first started thinking about it but then later realized  there had to be an invisible counter weight or my bike would tip over and I would hit the ground hurting myself.  Invisible?  That's not how the physics books describe what happens.  That did not bother me. I was writing my own physics books including the New Laws of Physics by Lex Loeb and Gravity is Hot.  My study is even more advanced now.  Spooky action at a distanc