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The Human Soul May Exist And Have A Genuine Scientific Explanation..

IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE SOUL EXISTING IN HUMANS AND ANYOTHER ANIMALS IT CAN ACTUALLY EXIST AND MAYBE POSSIBLE TO DUPLICATE.   YES ABSOLUTELY. The proof comes from your signature attributes that come from the chromosomes in your cells that set your individual physiological characteristics such as your unique finger prints.  Your finger prints are different than everyone else's and somewhere form the DNA that pattern is set and derived. If you were cloned your clones might have your exact finger prints or finger prints included in a range of possibilities unique to you.  When you play an electronic slot machine you might not be aware that every wager you make can  give you outcomes with in a range for each and not just one possible configuration.  Still the slot machine is only going to give you a win when it does but the win can vary as can the losing combinations. You can stop a reel in a slot machine and get one of the possibilities that are unique for each possible outcome of the

Photos of the North Cascades, Washington State