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The Inverse of the Inverse Square Law proves that photons carry no mass and no energy but only code.

Looking for the proof I needed it was not hard to find.  If God created photons why and what would be the purpose of having them radiate from a source if the purpose of having photons was to transmit energy?  If God had that intention he would have invented something better than the laser.  It would be the inverse of the inverse square law .  It would concentrate photons rather than radiate them into space and concentrate them at a point identical to the source from which they came.  The same would be true of the other inverse square law phenomena which I think are just limited to photons, gravity and magnetism.    The suggestion that all three of these obey the inverse square law implies something about all of these.  All come from a source that has mass but all three have no mass, and none of them actually transmit energy though space in spite of the apparent illusions.  Any implications that any of them have properties of waves or frequencies are according to remote detectors made o

Changing The Basic Metric/ Constant Of The Cosmos From The Speed of Light to Momentum.

Maybe the speed of light is irrelevant?  Einstein wanted to make the speed of light the basic metric for the entire universe.  That was because of it's consistency as a measured constant .  Light has to be detected for the speed of light to be measured and that takes mater of variable forms across the electro magnetic spectrum.  My discovery that photons actually don't transmit energy though space but are code as in messages being sent that have 'semantic' properties across the spectrum and periodic table and that light neither has properties of wave nor frequencies since those are properties of the material indicators from material detectors leads to all new conclusions.  The first problem was trying to figure out where the subatomic angular momentum push comes from  if no energy is transmitted by the photon though empty space.  That led to the quick realization that momentum as all mater is in motion or relative motion due to the rest of the objects in the cosmos bein

Photons As Pure Code: The New Theory of Everything. Key To The Universe New Law of Physics.

What if everything you thought you knew about the science of physics was completely wrong?  What if the reason it is completely wrong is because of a few failures of basic assumptions and semantic errors in the language of physics?  Building on my old set of 'new laws of physics' from a completely new venture into empirical observations I discovered what really is the key to the universe new law of physics and an upgraded theory of everything that says forget string theory and correct the errors in the theory of relativity.  Photons are pure code.  That is the "key to the Universe," New Law of Physics.  Pure code? Photons have no mass. They transmit no energy though empty space nor within atoms and molecules.. The have neither attributes of waves nor frequencies without an interaction with mater. That is because photons are pure code.  Yes code just like the electromagnetic signals we send for  and radio broadcasts.  Code pure code.  It really explains everything an

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