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Big Foot Hiding on the farm photographed for the first time.

Big Foot Photographed for the first time..

President Trump is being investigated and could be impeached when it was discovered that his son, Hunter Trump , was found taking us dollar kick backs for him as a phony board member of a company in Ukraine.

Now I am totally for impeachment of President Trump. The guy is a total crook. His son Hunter Biden mysteriously became a paid board of director of a Ukrainian oil company receiving $50,000 a month in recycled US dollars from money laundered out of US military aid funding to the country.   Ukrainians got money for arms they never had to use for anything other than distributing to insiders and bought cheaper weapons from China and Russia instead to stave off Russian offensives.    After that Trump's Son Hunter got  so called sovereign wealth money from the communist party in the billions to invest for them in some hedge fund just because his father is president.  This is totally impeachable behavior.  IMPEACH TRUMP NOW.