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Covid -19 Should Forever Change Epidemiology and Government Response Not Just To A Major Pandemic But To Annual Flu Season.

 It is strange how it seems to be acceptable that some 100,000 to 200,000 people annually in the USA die with the common Flu as a major factor.  As The US, alone, nears 200,000 deaths from Covid -19 going on to say half a million and probably more than that in due time, It is time to reconsider how we deal with the concept of public health.  It seems strange for 100,000 to 200,000 deaths related to the Flu to be acceptable annually.   The public health movement in the US started with what used to be real and not fantasy environmental issues starting with clean potable water and a safe sewage system for urban areas.  We quickly forget that less than 160 years ago in parts of the United States there were still towns and cities that did not street paving.  It is strange how present day Marxists who are also strident Environmentalists are now against semi rural living  like suburbs that Karl Marx called for in his manifesto and are now for super high density cities that cram people closer

Physical Gold in Storage Can Now Generate Significant Income Sitting In Storage. Gold ETFs like GLD from SPDR Could Make A Mint.

 IF SPDR IS interested in actually generating cash income from stored physical gold in storage. I will show them how and provide a design that facilitates maximum annual income.  Funds from Gold Storage can lower costs for the ETF and even provide income to owners of the ETF shares.    When I was a kid we paid the fee to enter the tower of London to see the Treasury there and the Royal jewels.  SPDR can make nearly as much money from creating a public access though the storage vault as the Willis Tower / Sears Tower in Chicago generates from having people take the elevators to the observation deck.  People will pay to get to see a lot of gold in storage.  They will pay as much as my estimate of $6 to $9 dollars per adult as tourists for admission .  The US government can also generate tons of money by allowing tourists to visit Fort Knox but they are unlikely to create the experience since Fort Knox is a military facility.    The  Gold can be divided in to three tourist locations. One

Learning About Pandemic Psychology.

 Learning about the psychology of people in a pandemic has been one of the most fascinating things about the efforts to control disease epidemics.   The first basic principle that epidemiologists have to adopt from my observations on Covid 19 is "People Can't Wait".  Now I think that had the disease been Ebola with the same rate of contagion as Covid 19 then people would be more willing to wait and self isolate themselves. With Covid 19 the infection roulette  of who gets sick and who does not and who dies and who does not adds ambiguity to the popular psychology of who to wait it out.  Viruses often strike animal populations in mating season and humans are no different.  The urge to group together to facilitate mating has proven to be a major reason for some parts of the overall population to take added risk of gathering.  Alcoholism is another reason for covid 19 risk taking and not being able to wait it out.  Not being able to wait is also exacerbating the psychology o

Strange Mountains.

 photos by Lex Loeb.  


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