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Cocktail Hour With Tide.

 Pods are for space cases. Add caption

Tide for Dinner and Cocktail Hour.

Gravity Research Program in Portland , Oregon Announces "Super Relativity"

Photons transmit no energy have no mass, have no wave properties. All three of those properties are properties of mater that has interacted with photons.  Photons are found to be pure code and nothing else. We humans use photons for transmitting code.  No wonder. The question then is where does the energy come from if not from photons?  At the gravity research program lab we found out from where it originates and that is in the nucleus of atoms that interact with photons as pure code. Does that make it nuclear physics?  Well certainly .  First of all a photon is just electromagnetic disturbance that has left a body of mater from where the code is most likely to have the greatest effect.  The more concentrated the atoms the more likely the code transmission is likely to be part of cause and effects.  The energy is found to be derived from underlying momentum.  This leads to the new empirical concept of super relativity.  It does relate electromagnetism with gravity and does correct majo
The Tale of the Emperor's New Clothes is Not Just a Fairy Tale Emperors Did Once Go Out in Public in the Splendor of Their Own Nakedness Lex Loeb, Yahoo Contributor Network . History is not just literature that survives the past to be re-read and interperted. History is also amalgamation of other forms of evidence including archeological evidence where applicable and iconographic history that fleshes out much of the literary descriptions of ancient times visual aids to the imagination. Archeological really means the study of old stuff. It has been in practice long before all of the sceintific methodologies took over the field. The reconstruction of the remains of ancient Rome began before the Renaisance to the delight of the popes who took an interest in the ancient monuments of the almost lost city. One can visit the Vatican Museum in Rome to see one of the best collections of ancient Roman Archeological remains in existence. Earlier popes were less interest in reconstructing R

Salmon Runs in the Columbia River system are being systematically ruined by the pseudo science ecologist/ environmentalists who are incharge.

If it was not for the pseudo science of ecology we could have infinitely more fish in northwest rivers and beyond.  The environmentalists actually are the real cause of fish declines.  The original numbers we have for salmon runs come form canning facilities along the Columbia river more than a century ago.  Everything else they have to say about the fish is fabrication.  The salmon  had to climb cascades as difficult and worse than Willamette falls in Oregon city today. The Indian tribes controlled the salmon at these points of difficult uphill cascades passage in the gorge for several thousand years.  The river was much more polluted than it is today when salmon runs were much larger.  The Indian populations along the Columbia river were higher per square mile concentrated along the river than anywhere else in north America at the time in pre Columbian times.   Beavers had everything dammed and were so numerous the river was fouled by Beaver feces and from the Indian populations alon