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DID YOU KNOW ENERGY DOES NOT EXIST WITH OUT MASS?  MASS DOES NOT EXIST WITHOUT ENERGY. SPACE DOES NOT EXIST WITHOUT REFERENCE POINTS.  REFERENCE POINTS REQUIRE SPACE. THERE IS NO MAGENTISM WITHOUT BOTH ENERGY AND MASS.  ELECTRO MAGNETISM IS A COUPLED RELATIONSHIP. PHOTONS ARE UNDETECTABLE WITHOUT MASS  AND  MASS  IS ONLY ACERTAINABLE WITH PHOTONS AS CODE. THATS THE COUPLED UNIVERSE WE LIVE IN.  WHAT  IT MEANS IS  THE PROPERTIES OF EXISTENCE REQUIRE THE CONFULENCE OF  BOTH X AND Y OR  E AND F. Concepts of pure energy are nonsense.  The idea that mater and space have a dimension in time is equivalent to what ever energy is. Then came my discovery that all energy is a manifestation of existing energy of motion relative to everything else in relative motion.    Where do I go with the theory then?  Einstein was interested in saying that all mater is  convertible to energy or is energy and all energy is a manifestation of mater.   My thesis is more Newtonian. except that there ar