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How The US Federal Reserve Can Immediately Back The US Dollar With Gold And Hot Have To Buy It/ Mine It.

The reason the US dollar retains any value with all the fiat printing that goes on incessantly is because it is backed by the labor and productivity of the American people.  That is a little on the skids recently thanks to the Covid 19 emergency.  Oh for the good old days of a Gold Standard backing the dollar with Gold.  Well maybe.  There actually may not be enough gold mined on earth to back all the US dollars that the US economy requires for liquidity.  That is a big problem .  Talk of a renewed gold standard actually seems rather silly because gold backed by US work productivity has worked fairly well .  For a lot of people a Gold link would be nice and if ever foreign creditors demanded Gold only in payment it might be nice to have the gold standard .   One draw back of gold backing is even a large dominant central bank can run out of reserves. That is what happened after world war 1.  China one day might require payment in Gold when it has the dominant position to do so.  Another

The Real Reason Fires Are So Numerous And Out of Control In The American West Is Not Climate Change.

 The real reason for so many out of control fast burning fires in the western united states has everything to do with years of  BAD land management .  Billions and Billions of dollars were spent  on idiotic programs that did anything but invest in active fire suppression technology.  Self described and appointed environmentalists and those considering themselves to be 'sustainability' experts crafted management plan for land use that were outright destructive.  Legal ploys like the fake spotted owl issue and native endangered grass preservation resulted in lapses of good forest and range management.  The environmental kooks also introduced legislation that ended logging and instead logs were imported from other continents to keep milling and production lines going here.  They introduced insects and diseases that continue to plague forests now.  Forests died off and then they managed to stop salvage logging of large areas of dead and dying trees.  A big deal was made about '