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The Real Reason Fires Are So Numerous And Out of Control In The American West Is Not Climate Change.

 The real reason for so many out of control fast burning fires in the western united states has everything to do with years of  BAD land management .  Billions and Billions of dollars were spent  on idiotic programs that did anything but invest in active fire suppression technology.  Self described and appointed environmentalists and those considering themselves to be 'sustainability' experts crafted management plan for land use that were outright destructive.  Legal ploys like the fake spotted owl issue and native endangered grass preservation resulted in lapses of good forest and range management.  The environmental kooks also introduced legislation that ended logging and instead logs were imported from other continents to keep milling and production lines going here.  They introduced insects and diseases that continue to plague forests now.  Forests died off and then they managed to stop salvage logging of large areas of dead and dying trees.  A big deal was made about 'old growth forests' and snags for wild life but not cutting dead trees left large areas where everything would eventually have nothing else to do but burn and burn fast. Then president Clinton came into office and took out logging access roads or gated them.  That ended easy access to get ground forces in to put out forces in other areas.   

With range fire lands government under the control of the environmental lobby club ended a lot of grazing saying it was to protect birds like subspecies of grouse or wild native grasses.  Some crazy environmentalists were even shooting grazing cows to protect streams.  Wild horses were removed for being non native though helping with grazing.  It was all a continuing disaster in the making.  Now we have range fires we have not had since the native American Indians would set uncontrollable fires so there would be more hunting ground grazing . All the while the same environmentalists are telling us still to have controlled burns instead of logging or grazing.  Horrible management.  

Over the years billions and billions of dollars were spent on what was pretty much exclusively land use zoning . creating so called wilderness areas , wild and scenic river designations, wetland protect , upland protection, inland protection , open space zoning, national monuments and parks.  Now they let it all burn uncontrollably because instead of investing in  technology to more quickly assess fire outbreaks and extinguish them we spent billions on putting lines on maps and employing thousand and thousands of people to do that kind of work.  Years ago i researched technology , not even moon landing technology, that could help save many forests such as peak lighting rods to prevent dry storm fires in some areas and that could even  be used to fix nitrogen in portable tanks which i  designed to act as a sort of battery system.  Better water suppression systems should have already been deployed. We should have a flying fire fighting air force at the ready with much greater capacity than we have now.  

In other areas long ago ugly power lines should have been put underground.  The ideology that Nature is exactly how God or mother nature created it and we have to just sit back and watch it take it's course is nonsense to me.  We have other idiotic problems like Salmon raised in fish hatcheries not being native or natural and cheating nature out of the ability to keep the fish genes evolving for survival of the fittest. The problem with that fish story is the salmon evolved over millions of years and already have the best genetic make up for our rivers and the genetic variability is there in fishery fish as well as any intermingling of fish in rivers and the ocean.  So nonsense is killing our dams now intentionally.  Nonsense has hatchery fish killed in favor of inferior wild stock and for no reason since all fishery fish were taken from the same populations.   The environmentalists are causing more harm than good and should be held accountable . Instead media propaganda only listens to their big loud mouth message as do most politicians.   The damage with the major fires now is their fault. It is not because of climate change.  For environmentalists to keep telling us that 500 and 1000 year floods could only happen because of climate change is nonsense.  trends move up and down over centuries and we just happen to have some instances of low probability events happening.  We also have a world wide  reporting system now.  50 years ago before they started the climate change nonsense you could go see local maps showing 100, 500 and 1000 year flood zones in your area.  Floods have happened forever and even the flood of Noah if it ever happened was in the range of possibility.  Sea levels have been up over 500 feet above present levels at times in the past. 

Wild fires are maybe natural and they can be expected but they can also be suppressed especially if we are going to spend billions and billions on so called land and land use management.

 happened forever and this is not new.  Forest and range fires are not new either.  We could have had 


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