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Museum of Museums, Waregem Flanders

Breuser Family Photograph

If your last name is Breuser, Gillam, Beutler, Nowlin, or Ditchburn these could be your relatives. . An old photo postcard showing the Breuser clan probably in Oregon? Left to Right--- Creed , Herman , Roy Otto, second row, Amelia ,Minni Breuser Gillam, Henrietta , Amelia Ditchburn, Melvin Leroy, Pearl and Etha

Studies in Blue Animation...

Idiot City USA T Shirt

created around the year 1985

Teamsters Official Due Card 1931-1933

Bicycle parking ticket from Portland Oregon

Jesus Christ Credit Card

Charge what ever you want when ever you want it. Pay no interest till eternity.

Boring Town

China To Introduce Viable New Currency To Replace US Dollar.

start dumping the US dollar and collect these...

Gum Ball Poetry Machine

poetry vending machines Portland Oregon

Timber Bamboo Growing In Portland

the Butler garden in sw Portland

Head In The Fridge

Hoax in Rubber or plastic?

Drawings by Lex Loeb

Misc. drawing from old portfolios

Dream or Nightmare?

Great Dane Pups nearing three weeks old

The Rock Cave and The Star.

Great Dane Puppies Almost 4 weeks Old, Weened the day after photos taken.

St Johns Bridge

Some Scenes From Columbia River Gorge

Five Week Old Great Dane Puppies