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Al Franken Will Grope An Audience at the Convention Center Later this afternoon.



Electric Current mayber more than "electrons' thermsleves are the common denominator of the periodic table of the elements.

most all elements were discovered and refined by electrolysis.  what we know about all of them now is directly  because of electric current and its known properties as the common denominator.  does that mean that electro magnetism is the common denominator of the entire universe.?  yes probably so.

What if Electrons have no mass?

I was exploring the properties of muons today and became pretty certain they have no mass in spite of various extrapolated something like 200 times that of an electron. I don't care if it is measured a 189 million times the mass of an electron...that has to be a property of the detection medium not the assumed particle. Muon degrading to an electron or positron is certainly another clue...then again the presumed mass of an electron appears to be totally medium attributable. I keep getting closer to a coding theory for the electron which makes it devoid of mass again as pure code...though it is pretty clear it sometimes has properties of mass and certainly gets qualified as mass in atomic mass but then mass is just defined as F=MA. electrons as outer most features of atoms are atomic gate keepers and probably their communicators that represent them to other atoms that are sort of like computer code where as they say to other atoms I am ionized or not io