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Carbon is about to destroy your life and the planet? take the carbon quiz and find out.

Take the Atmospheric Carbon Quiz? See How Smart You Are. So You Say You Believe In Global Warming ? OK Lets See What You Really know. Take the Atmospheric Carbon Quiz? See How Smart You Are You Say You Believe in Global Warming ? OK, Take the Quiz and Find Out What You Really Know About Carbon Dioxide in the Earth's Atmosphere. Get All Questions Right and Win a Noble Peace Prize Lex Loeb Contributor Network . This is exercises is not about global warming or climate change. It is about basic scientific facts about earth's atmosphere. The quiz is really simple and multiple choice. Just pick the best choice per question and then go to the end of the article to see the correct answers. You must get all of the answers right to win a Nobel peace prize otherwise you fail the quiz. If you fail the quiz then you might want to brush up on your science studies. These questions are multiple choice. Pick the answer to each question that is closest to the scientific fact or to esti