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Super Relativity. What real photons are and what they do.

 This is the thesis and the proof in the most concise form I have prepared to date.  It takes no fancy mathematic equations to reveal it .    All it takes is open minded observation and a little basic logic.  It corrects what we think we know about 'Relativity". Photons Have NO mass = Zero Mass. Photons are code that modulate frequency and wave characteristics of mater. These are properties of mater and the detector interface and not necessarily  as the transmitted code itself.  The code is the instruction to mater that is susceptible to frequency and wave length kinetic dimensioning.  For proof of this we have the see though microwave oven door that has a perforated metal panel behind the glass.  It is the property of mater that restrains the microwaves from escaping and allows one to view the inside of the oven without danger.  Properties that are reactive to photon pure code are not the properties of the code but of the material interface/ detection interface.  Let me send