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Super Relativity. What real photons are and what they do.

 This is the thesis and the proof in the most concise form I have prepared to date.  It takes no fancy mathematic equations to reveal it .    All it takes is open minded observation and a little basic logic.  It corrects what we think we know about 'Relativity".

Photons Have NO mass = Zero Mass.

Photons are code that modulate frequency and wave characteristics of mater. These are properties of mater and the detector interface and not necessarily  as the transmitted code itself.  The code is the instruction to mater that is susceptible to frequency and wave length kinetic dimensioning.  For proof of this we have the see though microwave oven door that has a perforated metal panel behind the glass.  It is the property of mater that restrains the microwaves from escaping and allows one to view the inside of the oven without danger.  Properties that are reactive to photon pure code are not the properties of the code but of the material interface/ detection interface.  Let me send code to your computer from my computer to play a song recorded on the video. The digital transmission  is not what you see on your screen exactly.  Years before i wanted to explore what really happens with the Young double slit experiment showing what is supposed to be interference of photons out in empty space.  Well it is not. It is all interference at the detection plane. It is interference in the mater.  Laser light properties work the same way. Code sent  possible reactions to susceptible materials elsewhere.  The assumption that  what is being transmitted is what appears to happen elsewhere is absurd.  There are probability issues involved because everywhere does not have the ability  to react.  For some reason  xrays don't penetrate the Earth's atmosphere as easily as some ultra violet wavelength photons do.    

Photons can impart the properties of frequency and wavelength but these are really only properties of mater not of photons .  Frequency and wavelength in photons are Zero.

Photons have no energy and carry no energy along with them as they transit across time and space or if they ever actually come to rest or at least become absorbed.  = Zero Energy.  Photons are not made of energy or transmit it.  Zero Transmission of energy.

Photons are pure code.  Just as we use parts of the entire spectrum of light (photons) to communicate in various electro magnetic generated forms.  It does take us energy to produce  the photons we transmit but that is it.

What is pure code?  That is what a photon of a particular sort on the spectrum  of possible photons can do when it collides with a physical material interface/ detector.  

What that all means is pretty simple but over looked.  Remember Einstein comes to the conclusion that everything is composed of energy  and that mass is made of energy and lot more energy than is apparent by any chemical reaction.  The nuclear energy of mater is substation as per E=MC2 .  

Where does the energy come from if photons have no energy , transmit no energy , have no mass?  That has long been over looked and it is pretty simple  to find .  That energy is already posited in what ever the material mass of atoms and molecules and sub atomic particles of mater that can detect or be affected by photons of a certain sort in the entire spectrum.  In other words the energy is already in the mater that can be affected by certain types of photons that can interact or be detected by that particular material.  Some materials are completely unaffected by most of the entire spectrum of photons .  So there is coding and we obtained the entire periodic table of elements using photons and electrons *(electrons are related but not for this dissertation.)  The interplay between the electro-magnetic  spectrum and the periodic table are well documented. We really don't have one without having the other.

This is a major sea change in physics  with photons being pure code in nature.   How does it work?  The explanation is this silly sounding analogy.  If you are a passenger in a car going 70 mph and not wearing a seat belt in the front seat and the car suddenly stops you can go flying though the front windshield. Put on your seat belt to prevent that from happening. You have momentum independent of the car's momentum .  

With Photons it does not work like the passenger in the front seat without restraint flying though the front window when the car stops suddenly.  No It is kind of the opposite thing we see happen with photons.  Photons collide with a material interface and are quickly absorbed and can be quickly re -radiated as a reflection or  retained longer and become a less energetic type of photon like infrared and then re-emitted from the material interface.  As massless, energy free pure code, that means the photons impart no momentum at the interface.  Instead they do kind of the opposite. 

Instead of the car stopping suddenly it is like that 70 mile per hour moving car continuing to move forward at 70 mph and a bowling ball in the back seat suddenly coming to a stop while the car moves forward.  That causes our little frame of reference to appear as if the bowling ball , having somehow stopped, flies though the rear window as the car speed forward at 70 mph.  That is exactly what we observe photons do.  If it does not make sense to you yet you are not observing.  

When a laser seems to blast a hole though solid steel beware. It looks like a stream of coherent laser light is carrying energy to vaporize the atoms away to create the hole in the steel but that is a frames of reference mistake.  What it is really doing is sending pure code and nothing more to atoms that already contain all that apparent energy and by virtue of doing the bowling ball trick....we are arresting atoms and subatomic particles with the laser beam not sending energy even if we have used x amount of energy to generate the laser beam and seem to be getting the same x amount of energy out of it at the end of the laser where it hits the steel. All the energy seemingly sent is actually just being released.  

That is the basic way to understand  Super Relativity.  Now if you want to know more find my other articles.


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