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Proper comments on the updating of the Multnomah county land use and transportation plan

I commented on their new plans just now online at the Multnomah county land use site online: Multnomah County ought to require use of an architect and/ or provide one for projects as consultants. The public could use the service and some architects might even be willing to donate time as consultants. It could vastly improve how people visually process the landscape. As for so called Hazard zones, everywhere in the county is a potential hazard zone.  There is a good reason that property insurers will not insure properties against land slide damage and that is because it can happen anywhere.  The reason why flood insurance is only obtained from the federal government is it tends to happen almost anywhere  and rather frequently near known potential hazard areas.  zoning for potential hazards is absurd if we are actually in the so called Cascadia quake zone...even if that translates to a " likely "7.2 magnitude quake in most of Multnomah county it means almost no one will be s