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What Exactly is Environmental "Sustainability?"

When ever you read or hear anyone using the catch term 'sustainability" What is  it exactly that they mean?   Reality is that we humans have lived sustainably in many different ways over millennia here on earth.  There really is no example of a time or place where any one lived unsustainably.  We can use wood fire stoves to heat and cook for the rest of time. It is completely sustainable.  We can use oil and gas  and coal probably just as long as we keep looking and keep finding more.  I have been to Rome Italy and its surrounding areas and know darn well that what was once a great ancient city is sustainably buried under farms and fields in some places and newer city buildings in most others.  Rome apparently was sustainable and so was what used to be there before the ancient city was built.  The reality is everything we humans can do is pretty much sustainable. No need for fake declarations of  climate emergencies mandated by the legislature of Oregon for cities in the state

NEW IDEAS FOR The I-5 Columbia River Crossing Bridge Whose Time has come.

The Portland Metro area really needs three or more bridge crossing the Columbia River to end the infinite traffic jams we have. Two bridges just will never do the trick.  What we don't need is Portland foisting light rail costs over to Washington state or making a giant bike path .  ]The present I-5 bridge is old but still possible to maintain and preserve.   To do that we could put  river lowering locks under the bridge so the draw bridge would reduce the number of times the bridge would ever have to be raised.   Building a third bridge and retaining the existing bridge out between Fairview and Camas  would be a real option. it would help bypass traffic from and going out east. And the new main post office and amazon are located out in Troutdale already. If we are going to remove the old bridge it would be nice to preserve some of its arching elements for a park that crosses or juts into the river on either side maybe moving more parts toward the shores rather than just recyclin

Why You Switch Your Social Network From Facebook To Linkedin. Get All Your Friends To Move With You. The Sooner The Better.

Today Facebook repeatedly destroyed my first amendment right to post an article of my choice on their site saying it was against community standards. You can try doing it to with this link:  This is unbelievable to me. I have not even read the whole site nor do I know who the original poster is ...but how can it be against community standards to talk about bribery , kick backs and graft?  Sure facebook will need to pay off Elizabeth Warren if she should become president.... Facebook not only abuses your first amendment rights they limit your access to communicate and you are not aware of it. Your posts may not be open to the public and you don't know it. Your posts may not even be open to your online Facebook friends  They burry anything they want to for any reason or by robo censors or people in call like centers in india or china where they don't actually understand English.  Satire is regularly removed

Pictures of Cock Rock Otherwise Known as Rooster Rock in The Columbia River Gorge in Oregon

 The Indians used to worship this monolith. It fell off the rock face of the cliffs where the Vista house now stands possibly during a massive earthquake and stood upright though its strata do not line up with how the rock was deposited because it did roll down the mountain side in to position.     Pictures include the cliffside from which it originated.   Other rock outcroppings up the slopes could one day fall down and join in on the river plain.

Cutting Down The Old Growth Big Leaf Mapple Trees in Portland, Oregon.