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The Real Economics Of The Ancient Roman Empire.

When John D. Rockefeller realized the full value of petroleum it changed the world in unprecedented ways .  It started with Rockefeller piping gas into homes and building for light instead of having to rely on whale oil.   Later he distilled gasoline out of Petroleum and the results were explosive economic growth around the world.  Much of that still going on today.  Getting minerals out of the ground that are loaded with energy potential has been a godsend for man kind.  The propensity of successful oil men to get rich quick can be attributed to  the immense number of BTU or calories that can come from burning a gallon of Diesel or Gasoline.   The energy from a container holding a gallon of pure sugar syrup is less than a third of that of the gasoline.  Energy that does work powers an economy. In ancient Rome the Romans conquered countries that were as close as possible and as easy  to conquer as possible.  Conquest meant Roman occupation and colonization but it also meant having a

Artificial Intelligence is Going to Change Everything not because it out performs human thinking but because it enables productivity never before experienced.

Warning to the world If you don't adopt using artificial intelligence you won't be able to compete. We live in dangerous times for businesses trying to survive and compete. It is not that artificial intelligence bests human intellect but that it is incredibly more persistent. I started using amazons seller visual phone recognition and it instantly improved my productivity and capacity to create new product categories. my old self without that software can't compete with my new self with it.  Businesses that want to thrive should make a point in investing in AI as soon as possible.  Not just to deploy it but to own part of the evolution of the process and to get paid for it's dissemination.  It is sort of the tale of Sears which spent a fortune on a trophy world's tallest sears tower when it could have invested in shares of Walmart instead.  The same goes for Walmart which could have invested earlier in amazon shares.  AI is going to concentrate wealth and power

Clocks Were The World's First Computers.

No the Abacus was not the original of modern computers. Clocks were.   Just the layout of a clock with its measurement of periods of time was a computational device.  Would work with sundials and water clocks not just mechanical rotary clocks.   With a clock that sets any unit time period you can add time or subtract it . You can have 15 before 2 and 14 after 2.  With a clock you can add subtract, multiply and divide.    What is a half an hour?  Computation is counting.  As synthetic as time is so is mathematics.