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Mr Kitten says Hi. Gallaxy Asscends....

Learning From American Totalitarians On PBS Radio.

I learn all about totalitarian thinking by listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting and their imbedded programing from PBS and the BBC. What I recently learned was this: "You don't have the right to do something that is bad for you" (cigarettes) "You do have the right to do something that is good for you" (and for society according to certain mysterious experts on virtually everything you can possibly think of doing. Anything that could be harmful to the State you also have no right to do." That was my American Totalitarian lesson of the day. The interesting thing about it is how arbitrary the classifications of what is good and bad for you can be. It can be bad for you to drive a car and therefore not a right and bad for you and the earth or society to collect rain water on private property. It can be bad for you or good for you in any number of possible combination of variables that would have to be decided by judges and lawyers ad infinitum t

You Obstructed My Camera Lens Halloween Night Portland Oregon 2014