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Bumper Trump

Pictures of Coyotes In Portland Oregon Attempting to Attack my dogs in March 2019

Yes in the city.  My dogs were ready to go after them . barking at 1 in the morning.  hard to hold them back.  they coyotes have pups down on the near by trail and they might have wanted to kill my dogs to for food. Its time to get protect or pets and remove these animals from the urban areas. 

You are traveling down the road in a car and you see cars way ahead of you getting smaller and smaller due to perspective.

This is the best new analogy for  the Great Einstein Fallacy and for the popular concept of an ever expanding universe.  The road seems to get smaller and narrower as it approaches the horizon.  So traveling down that road , thinking the way Einstein did about relativity as a frames of reference problem if you are in a car heading down that road your car will get smaller and smaller and smaller to further it goes.  This is the exact same extrapolation Einstein does to advance to a black hole that consumes everything including the entire light spectrum.   When you revisit Einstein's theory then think of it more like an Escher drawing.  If perspective is a frame of reference then perhaps it is true that cars get smaller and smaller as the road does as it approaches the horizon.  No kidding.