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Solar and Wind Power Systems Cause More Surface Earth Warming Than Carbon In The Atmosphere.

Anyone have an infrared camera or thermal imaging device? If you take infrared photos or thermal images of solar paneling when the sun is shining you might be surprised to see it registers as one of the hottest things in the photo or thermal image.   Believe it or not, this is actual science!  Look at the images the sky is cool..Not hot the solar paneling is hot.  What exactly is the greenhouse effect?    With an actual greenhouse with glass walls and ceilings exposed to the sun, the visible light penetrates the greenhouse and is converted to infrared when re-radiated from the inside surfaces of the glass and the whole interior of the space and that infrared wavelength does not pass through the glass until it becomes atomic vibrational energy that ultimately radiates infrared .  That makes the greenhouse hot.  Without the glass walls and ceiling/roof, the light could just be reflected back into space from which it came.  Solar panels retain sunlight but not all of it and they tend to b

The Great Solar Storm EM Radiation Event Of July 2021 That Scorched Countless Trees In Both Oregon And Washington States/ Lex Effect Discoverd.

 On the day that record heat was recorded in Oregon because of the formation of a high-pressure heat dome over the territory, I noticed that one of my hemlock trees looked like it was dying.  At first i was worried that the heat had caused it due to record recorded temperatures in nearby locations.  The other possibility was disease.  I went about watering the tree.  Then I noticed that only the west-facing side was scorched.  Nothing happened to the other sides of the tree or parts of it that were shaded by other nearby trees.  Then I observed that all the trees were scorched to some degree on the west-facing side at a particular angle.  Later I observed that the same thing happened across the Columbia River. The trees were scorched on the west-facing exposed side were not shaded by others.  Not all trees nor all types of trees seemed to be affected.   I observed that all were scorched at the same angle.  If it was heat from the record temperatures of the heat dome phenomenon it shoul

Bitcoin , Most Crypto Currency Are No Better Than Investing With Bernie Madoff And Maybe Worse.

 Just because you see an elevator going up and a lot of people wanting to get on it does not mean you should too.  The Media, Tech Media and some financial institutions are now trying to mainstream cryptocurrencies for savings and investment.  The only real message they have is you will miss the elevator going up if you don't get in. Get in Now.  Don't miss going up.  You can make you an instant fortune others already have . Some have become instant billionaires why not you?  All you are buying is an empty data box on computer servers.  With Bitcoin there is no intrinsic value.  Not even a fraction of a cent par value.  All you buy is trust that others, later on, will pay as much or more than you have later on.  So you trust the biggest stock market investors to buy your stock from you for more than they think it is worth? That would be like Warren Buffet giving away money instead of making it in the market.   It does not matter how slick your cryptocurrency broker online is. T