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It turns out that the unifying field Einstein was looking for is actually the radiation sphere with the properties of inverse square outward.

Yes the unifying theory that puts the force of gravity and electromagnetism into a predictable relationship happens to be the inverse square outward propertied sphere of radiation.   Radiation is simply the dark electromagnetic disturbance signals of material state masses emerging into an outside vacuum.  It is sort of like light pulsing though a fiber optic cable and then out into a vacuum.  Photons act to signal at a distance then, though they are not going to transmit the original message necessarily they have a negative energy effect in the signal as to drain subatomic particles of energy of momentum. That leads to the radiometer proof of gravity I discovered years ago. When it comes to the sun, though , that is not the whole story . Although photons radiating from the sun at  various percentages along the electromagnetic spectrum including gamma they do not carry energy and they do not carry any mass.  The Sun loses more energy and mass in the form of actual momentum and that is

Lycos an older search engine survives....

What is Eco-totalitarianism?

It is the nexus between socialism and environmentalist theology.  Eco-totalitarianism is based on some prehistoric heathen pagan ideas.  The first is the great chain of being. The concept of the great chain of being goes back probably hundreds of thousands of years.  It is the idea that everything  the way it is found in nature is in a state of perfection either by the hand of God, gods or nature itself.  If anyone thing Is put out of place or slightly out of place in that grand theme of things the entire structure of nature necessarily collapses.  This is a key part of the environmentalist ideology.  When the environmentalists can't make a world wide great chain of being they move to what they call "ecology"  and local eco-systems.  Nothing can be added or subtracted nor be out of place or the entire structure there of  collapses.  In eco-totalitarianism that concept is  brought to youth with movies from Disney like The Lion King.  It is also a propagandist piece support