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The speed of light is constant as measured by what exactly?

Say we live in a part of the cosmos where the underlying velocity of everything maybe over 800,000 meters per second that is moving relative to  well, we are not exactly sure.  Nothing is stationary. As Newton said objects in motion will stay in motion that is assured but even objects at rest are moving we actually know of none that are stationary.  Lets suppose the notion of neutrinos is really that of something standings still that everything in motion can interact with .  I would certainly not call anything a neutrino but I use  the word because supposedly they can be indirectly detected so they might as well be some ultra fine particle that is actually immobile as some kind of imaginary point of reference.  The speed of light has been given the name constant which is really to say it might as well be what is standing still relative to everything else but only sort of.  This is nonsense of course. Photons are moving much faster as we have done many measurements to assign the constan