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Salmon Runs in the Columbia River system are being systematically ruined by the pseudo science ecologist/ environmentalists who are incharge.

If it was not for the pseudo science of ecology we could have infinitely more fish in northwest rivers and beyond.  The environmentalists actually are the real cause of fish declines.  The original numbers we have for salmon runs come form canning facilities along the Columbia river more than a century ago.  Everything else they have to say about the fish is fabrication.  The salmon  had to climb cascades as difficult and worse than Willamette falls in Oregon city today. The Indian tribes controlled the salmon at these points of difficult uphill cascades passage in the gorge for several thousand years.  The river was much more polluted than it is today when salmon runs were much larger.  The Indian populations along the Columbia river were higher per square mile concentrated along the river than anywhere else in north America at the time in pre Columbian times.   Beavers had everything dammed and were so numerous the river was fouled by Beaver feces and from the Indian populations along the rivers and streams.  Those nutrients fed the salmon runs.  In some ways today the rivers are too clean for fish to thrive as much as they can and fish hatcheries can also be placed further down stream to more tidal areas of the river system like in the Willamette river itself right downtown.  There is horrible missed opportunity in developing the 'resource' and worst of all the fisheries selected the best salmon for  the hatchery fish and the eco environmental flakes designate those as unnatural fish which is helping to destroy river and ocean survival traits of various species.   The truth is absolutely not allowed .  Ensured are stupid jobs for idiot people and the salmon and the economic value of these salmon is suffering as a result


  1. I assume you know that we used to have millions more salmon, and millions more beaver, right? If beaver 'fouled the water' for fish how would that even be possible? You clearly dislike ecologists and have a lot of ideas in your mind already made up, but if you spent some time talking to the folks who know this best, you'd learn that beaver are essential allies in the fight to save salmon and trout.

  2. those folks she mentions are full of it. they cut down trees and let them lie in streams and clearly beaver sewage and native American sewage is pretty much equivalent to city sewage from a town like Portland. I have more scientific data including that from Old London, England Thames river . It used to be populated by salmon runs and the original fish and chips came from salmon. Human excrement and other unclean run off from towns and villages actually supported their salmon runs by feeding more bottom of the food chain organisms and plants. In Portland Oregon the cry was to clean up the river. so the city spent billions on a giant new sewer system that is a complete failure because when the river reaches flood stage the sewage flows in to the river just as it used to all over again. Fortunately its not necessary bad for the river. The solution is to dump the costly stupid ideological ecological nonsense science and to introduce ways to put raw sewage into off river stream holding ponds to let the more dangerous for human health bacteria become denatured by other kinds of bacteria before re leasing back in to the river at least a size portion of it to fertilize the river community of plants and animals to avoid that misused ecological word.


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