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How to turn your Tesla / electric car into a Hybrid. Never waiit more than 7 minutes for a charge.

 Yes, there is room in the trunk to turn your Tesla into a hybrid so you never have to wait very long to charge it.  You get a multi-fuel generator that fits in the trunk some take both propane and gasoline.  You also have to cut a hole in the trunk for an exhaust fan and completely seal the trunk so no fumes get in the car.  Not easy to do. If you can't do it you get a trailer hitch and mount the generator on that....well at least until ionizing nuclear batteries are available to generate electricity. Nuclear batteries are available but you also need as much as 200 lbs or more of radiation shielding.

So you mount your generator on a trailer behind the car. It rolls behind the car and you won't breathe the fumes unless you are in reverse.  Get out of the car and pull the drawstring to start the generator and then go back in the car and start it.  Make sure the generator is completely tied down to the trailer and then go.  Now you have a hybrid and all you need to do is pick of a propane tank when you run out or stop at a gas station open the trunk and fill you reserve gas cans with gas. When the generator is running it will actually keep your batteries charged until you run out of gas or propane.   You may void your Tesla warranty doing this but when it eventually won't breaks down you can still have the car body removed keeping the batteries on the frame with the wheels.  Tow the batteries on the chassis to the house and plug it in  and then tow it to your barn or outbuilding and it will power the outbuilding for over a month without having to connect to the power grid.  When Gas prices go up under The green new deals plans for them to become unaffordable It could cost you $120 to charge your car because the present electric grid cannot handle 200 million electric cars and everything else it already powers without new power plants built and that might take 2000 new power plants. So then if you have a septic tank you want to install methane collectors and use the methane to run a generator to charge your home and car if not your screwed.  Not to worry the illegal gasoline market will come into being and you can always get gasoline to charge your car in the black market.  After that you will be charged $4 a mile to maintain the road infrastructure even when all there is are potholes.  For now Hybridize your Tesla.  Prepare for a mad max world with solar panels causing real global warming because if you have seen infrared photos of them they are the thing radiating heat not the sky.


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