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A Brief History of Governments and Money American Presidents Cannot Compete with the Greed of Kings and Emperors in Other Countries Mostly Thanks to the US Consitution Lex LoebContributor Network . Anyone who thinks that the economic boom and bust cycle is new to modern captialist civilization does not know very much about world history. Minor kings became great emperors with suitable financing. Armies cost money. Wars are never inexpensive. Most empires required many armed attacks to annex new territories. There is not a single instance in world history where a successful military campaign of imperial / royal expansion was not based on solid financing. Kingdoms thrived in times of great economic expansions and failed when financing ran dry. The wide spread belief that government taxes people for the benefit of the people paying the taxes is as much an absurd notion today as it was in the enitre history of civilization. It really is a myth and a fantasy to think that just because a senator or representative won an office by popular vote in a particular state that that senator or representative .


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Best Kept Secret Park in Lake Oswego Great for Bike Riders, Walking and Running with Scenic River Views Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Lake Oswego does not like to advertise some of its best attractions for fear of attracting non-locals. The area has many interesting treasures almost no one from the Portland area bothers to explore. Lake Oswego has long had the cache' of an upper middle class white Anglo Saxon enclave that does not want the company of everyone from the Portland Metro Area coming in. One can't blame the present day city for trying to protect itself against crowds of non local strangers using their public facilities. Anyone who has been to lake Oswego actual lake knows it is a privately owned body of water that does not welcome the public access in anyway. That is not true of the Oswego Furnace Tower in George Rogers Park or Old River Drive that connects to the park's main pathway up along the Willamette river front. Along most of Old River drive the fro



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