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Forced Altruism

Forced Altruism The Promise and Failure of Socialism Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Marxism and Socialism have always been true falsehoods. Karl Marx was a student of Hegel whose science of dialecticism was to take two opposites and mesh them together in a philosophical attempt to find deeper truth in the oxymoronic. Karl Marx , the original inventor of both socialism and communism, determined that there is a grand synthesis of social logic that will result in forced altruism as the ultimate means of making the distribution of wealth in society fair. Marx wrote his manifesto calling for the abolition of personal economic free will the abolition of markets and marketing the abolition of private property and the abolition of family wealth. After disposing of all of this Marx calls for an altruistic central government planning organization . Of course Marx knows that those with existing wealth are not going to want to comply with his communist demands of giving up that wealth so he builds into his thesis the need for revolution. The central altruistic planning authority is thus given the powers to deconstruct society as it was by force and coercion in order to attain the altruistic goals of community wealth sharing. In it's greatest reduction to simplicity Karl Marx is calling for Forced Altruism. Socialism has evolved over the years in political parties to be a more warm and cuddly kind of coercive power required for the goals of social altruism. Instead of a fast revolution socialist parities tend to prefer multi layers of high taxation in order to transfer the wealth of society to the central government authority. Socialist government will tax income, sales, inheritance, property, capital gains and anything thing else they can think of, Invariably the socialist governments will attempt to maximize the taxes they collect. Some even use the Lauffer Curve to slightly lower taxes understanding it could net them more revenue. Ronald Reagan discovered that he could lower tax rates and still grow the size of government. Reagan believed in what he called the safety net which was an underlying basic socialism and this increased his popularity as a kind of moderate. Forced altruism is an ingrained political dynamic that obviously precedes the existence of Karl Marx. Julius Caesar found the means to put all Roman Citizens in his will for about 100 bucks each to cement into power his family dynasty as the imperial power of Rome after his death. Central government authorities use coercion in several ways to promote altruism. We see they force people into government service which Karl Marx calls for in his communist manifesto as a universal liability of labor. Socialism seeks not only to coerce property out of private hands for their own use but they attempt to reorganize business organization such that it is forced to provide government altruisms goals. Examples of this are companies forced to provide health care insurance and forced to with hold taxes from their employees salaries and forced to comply with regulations that can force them to anything deemed to be in the benefit of society. We see this everyday and then we see companies bending over to play up the idea that they are spending their own money on socialist goals 'giving back to society'. Giving what back? What did they steal? This morality play all comes from Marxism although few people seem to be aware of it. The promise of forced altruism usually ends in absolute failure. The Marxists and socialists believe universally that the ends will always justify the means which is built into the concept of violent communist revolution. Violent revolution is a built in part of both socialism and communism because Marx knew that private property owners will work to defend their property. History has shown that capitalists do everything possible to save their wealth including hiring people to shoot back at the revolutionaries. Most people don't really like being forced by authority to do anything. In the army new troops have to be broken into the idea that they will obey all commands before they actually do. Most other people have to be put in prison in order to open themselves to be forced by authority to obey. In ancient times the prison life was everywhere as slavery. You could go back in time to Ancient Rome and see a greater population of slaves than free citizens and then to the later imperial period and you would not be easily able to determine which people were slaves and which were free unless they had imperial status or held an officership in the armed forces. Socialist and communist states have typically reduced most of their population to a sort of prison status which is why people still get shot at for trying to escape from the socialist paradise of Cuba. Forced Altruism starts out looking like only the evil rich will be subject to that but quickly becomes a class society where there are two classes. The imperial central government planning class and the people who need to be controlled for their own good. Once you start having forced altruism you can never have enough of it. The first thing that happens in socialist paradise after a good altruistic revolution is that suddenly everything belongs to everyone and no one. No one is sure who owns what or what it is good for. People are not sure they want to work hard or smart to attain goals of having wealth because there is not any necessary eventual pay out and therefore no incentive to work. Forced labor has a built in slow motion incentive-less motion. Everyone wants their benefits as promised but will work to contribute as little as possible to that end. Altruism is unable to create new capital or to rev up production when it offers few or no incentives. Workers become as lazy as over payed federal employees and will expand time to get anything done as much as possible till they they reach retirement age where the next benefit level kicks in. Every socialist country operates in slow motion compared to more productive frenzied more incentive based economies. People forced to give up wealth find they are giving up happiness. The most productive people in society suddenly have negative incentives as their success is punished. They have less or nothing left to reinvest and the loss of all efficiency that made them successful. You can see it when taxes go up and government employee goons get paid 2 or three times more than average citizens. So it is not just success that is punished because forced altruism routinely rewards failure. Lazy do nothing government employees all want to have administrative jobs working as the boss which leads to government organizations of layers upon layers of bosses bossing bosses and no one doing any labor at all. In states like Oregon we say we have lots of government employees but no government workers and of course it is true since when the Oregon government wants work done they outsource it to a private company that can actually do the work at a somewhat reasonable price-maybe. Government thus makes basic tasks costs a lot more than they would in the free market because all of the government central authority bosses have to be well compensated because without them society would not have all the altruism it needs. You see the results in socialist Europe and Oregon. In Europe you see huge fancy new government office complexes built at considerable cost and then you see all of these people working there or rather pretending to be working there putting in their time pretending to be doing something because most of the real work is done at the top of the central planning authority which just simply dictates what has to be done. The government ministers and employees then spend years trying to interpret what has to be done in their very slow motion way because there are no incentives for work since everyone at that level of government is automatically over paid. The same thing happens in Oregon state socialism , One fancy office building for government workers after another gets built at considerable cost and the only ones where real work is done is at the taxing authority. The taxing authorities work over time because without taxes in Oregon's "mixed" economy the whole public forced altruism system collapses. No pay all the altruists working for government just go home and watch Oprah. Ever notice how so many self proclaimed altruists are in it for the money and just the money? In Europe their altruists are more likely to go on strike or organize transportation and service shut downs to bring civilization to a halt all because there is not enough forced altruism to keep the socialist state altruism going. It is fascinating to watch how self proclaimed altruists behave in real life. The socialist party propaganda is always about punishing people who have or take too much only to result in a new class of people who have and take too much but the difference is they are doing it for altruism and therefore any coercion required is legitimate. Something else starts to happen under forced altruism. What happens is that laws start to apply differently to different classes. Karl Marx made a big fuss about how capitalists made laws to protect the ruling class and how wrong that was. When forced socialist altruism takes over not only does the same thing happen it just simply gets worse. It starts when because of altruistic rationing in a socialist society that people are forced to stand in line to get basic necessities. That includes waiting in line for medical health services. In a capitalist system anyone can jump ahead of a line just by flashing enough money but there are not very many lines because market forces set prices such that there are no need for lines and that facilitates orderly distribution. In Marxism and socialism lines are immediate because social altruism depends on rationing. What happens there is the lines form and party elites can just entirely skip the lines or jump ahead in line because what they are doing for society is giving society altruism and therefore they deserve to be ahead in the line, Anyone that believes that that is more fair than just letting a market set prices has to feel he or she is getting enough free benefits to pretend that it is better than the alternative of having an incentive based economy. The incentives of forced altruism of rationing are amazing to watch. One has the incentive to wait in line all day or several days or years or to get on a list for a medical procedure that can take 5 or 10 years which could allow the disease to result in death from lack of timely treatment. What kind of incentive is that. waiting in line people are unproductive. In socialism and Marxist societies people wait in line so much of their time and produce nothing that the phenomenon in all of society contributes to a collapsing Gross national product. Here is the fundamentalism of forced altruism. The most highly productive people loose their wealth , property and capital to feed the forced altruism machine. They have no incentive to do what they do so well in order to have had the wealth they created. The altruists central authorities consume most of the wealth they take and use the rest of it to defend their positions. Everything belongs to everyone and no one. There are no incentives to do anything . Everyone becomes lazy by necessity because there is only an equal outcome for all unless you are in the inner circle of the central planning authority. The central planning authorities have no incentives to do anything because they are instantly overly compensated and doing too much might require them to keep doing too much for the same pay. Everyone else is forced by necessity to get in line for basic goods and services. There is no production waiting in line and the total economic product of society declines. Government Central authorities in true communist countries like Cuba and east Germany then have to use forced altruism to keep people in the country who might otherwise try to leave and that can result in shooting them in the backs because a lot of other people have to get it though their heads by example that in order for society to have quality altruism we all have to share our labor and our being part of the collective under penalty of death for trying to escape. In Sweden there are socialist laws against suicide which is a viable way to escape the kind altruism of socialist society. When suicide becomes an offense against the altruism of the state then maybe it actually becomes worthwhile. The promise of socialism is universal failure because altruism requires that not only success be shared but that failure be parceled out equally. An incentive society works better and socialists learn that they cannot ignore this so later on they begin to realize that incentives will drive higher revenues to the altruistic state and this leads to what appears to be socialist success but it is really just a socialist vampire economy. There are tribal societies in Ethiopia who value their cattle so much they don't ordinarily kill and eat them. They milk the cows and bleed them for food. This is what mixed socialist economies do when they allow capitalists some room to find success. Ultimately the capitalists subject to bleedings and milkings. Government Altruism offices will grow and grow consuming more and more of the national wealth as the bleeding and milking goes on and the capitalists ultimately will survive and thrive in spite of all their blood and milk going to pay for a government that everyone can see has no trickle down effect to the people they are supposed to be serving as central authority altruists and that absolutely no viable economic product is being produced by big government except for more big government hungry for more blood and milk. Then people start reading the world capitalist manifesto and understand that forced altruisms is a really stupid oxymoron and that it is time again for a revolution that shuts down the fake altruism of big government by simply shutting down the government by not funding it. Big government quickly collapses and nobody notices any difference because big government produced nothing and provided nothing at considerable cost. The day after the government collapses no one notices. Private companies start to run public transportation and they do it more efficiently. people no longer have to spend two hole days standing in line to earn a pound of meat or butter. People notice less police power and abuse and they don't miss it. productivity immediately increases as incentives are the only way to get ahead in society. Where the collapsed government does get noticed is you start to see hoards of government ex employees on the streets having nothing to do and none of their special benefits and they go on strike and look silly because no one notices that there was any need for having them as society altruists just because they were set with political power. We saw exactly that happen in many ex socialist and communist countries. The altruists suddenly become completely irrelevant because everyone knows they never really were altruists. Karl Marx may have been a dreamer and socialism might still seem to be a dream worthy of making come true for many people. Real life experience for those of us who have experienced it tells many of us that socialism and Marxism is not a social science but a big con job. Milton Friedman said that why should anyone expect well meaning socialist altruists to be angels. The whole socialist program always requires that wealth taken for altruism goes into the accounts of a central planning organization. It never gets re-distributed until after it becomes property of state officials with political power. People just love falling as marks for good con artists.


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