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"99% of Lawyers Give the Other 1 Percent of Lawyers a Bad Reputation."

"99% of Lawyers Give the Other 1 Percent of Lawyers a Bad Reputation." Clown at Providence Hospital in Portland, Oregon Seems to Have a Problem with Lawyers Lex Loeb Contributor Network . There must be a story here somewhere? This clown is no doubt in politics. We need more clowns in politics. It is bad enough having people just pretending to be clowns running the government. Publishing a one liner article like this should make me a journalist for the first time? I never ever claim to be a journalist. With a one liner like this and enough words as filler I should be able to get a job writing for the New Yorker Magazine. Imagine a quality caption like this from a clown with no need for a cartoon picture to go along with it! The real question is how to find the other 1 percent when you are looking to hire an attorney? Start with the phone book and try figuring out which are the 99% listed attorneys who are giving the bad rap to the remaining 1 percent. There is the Bar association telephone recommendation hot line. What are the chances that you can call this phone number and find the one percenters? High unlikely. Next time I decide I need an attorney I am going to find that clown and see who he is recommending. Of course if you happen to be a certified no-screw lawyer just contact me by email and I can put you on my new no-screw list of lawyers. No-screw certification symbols should be posted on legal stationary for consumer protection. Unfortunately many of our clowning legislators are members of the 99% attorney club. The more clowns we can elect to higher office the better because 99% of the clowns give the other 1 percent their bad reputation too. .


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