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Before You Start Believing that Climate Change is Responsible for the Extreme Weather in Portland, Oregon Read This!

Before You Start Believing that Climate Change is Responsible for the Extreme Weather in Portland, Oregon Read This! Global Warming Theory Hysteria Meets Its Match with History. Here is a Short List of Extreme Local Weather Events to Remember Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Here is a short list by date of some Extreme Weather Portland and the Columbia Gorge Suffered before the Global Warming thesis became such a big fad: 1833 Columbia River in the Gorge Was frozen over in winter. 1840 Columbia River in the Gorge was frozen over in winter. 1842 Columbia River in the Gorge was frozen over in winter. 1888 Columbia River in the Gorge was frozen over in winter. Brutal winter in Portland. 1890 Big Winter Freeze 1891 Big Winter Freeze 1894 Biggest Flood on Record. Much of Downtown Portland was under water. Columbia River has 5 times normal flow. 1919 Columbia River frozen over in the gorge 1924 Columbia River frozen over in the gorge. Photos exist of Cars driving over Willamette River in December. 1942 Record Temperature in Portland recorded on July 2nd 107.6 degrees f or 41.7 c. 1948 Vanport flood in the lower Columbia River 1950 Portland Temperatures fall below zero for third time on record -3 degrees Fahrenheit. 1963 High Record temperature in Portland at 107.6 matched again. 1964 Extreme Winter and Winter Floods. 1970 January cold spell freezing. 1977 Extremely dry year. Maybe still the driest on record. 1998 May have been the warmest year on record for the USA. 2007 was the 10th warmest year in US weather record keeping. This list proves nothing except that there is extreme variability in weather. Just because rivers have not frozen in Oregon since 1924 does not mean it can't happen again. There is good statistical probability that it will happen again considering the number of times it has occurred on record. The record is incomplete and only goes back to 1830. Much more extreme weather is recorded going back to the ice age and before. If the 1894 floods occurred again there is a strong likelihood that a lot of Portland would again be under water in spite of having the dams on the Columbia. Just imagine the flow of the Columbia river being 5 or more times higher than it's present levels and imagine the dams being able to contain that much water if the whole river system was experiencing the same high volume flows. The dams may protect Portland up to the level of a 100 year flood and not a 500 or a once every 1000 year flood. Next time the news media tells you that the trend is toward global warming because of extreme weather check this brief history of recorded weather events to see that it rained and snowed excessively in 1894 to raise the flow of the Columbia river to the degree that it did and that precipitation is occurred in a time with apparent global cooling with winters that froze rivers over in a way many of younger people never remember happening in Portland or the Gorge during their life times. The Rush to jump to conclusions that global warming is the cause of major hurricanes that destroyed New Orleans (Katrina) ignores a lot of historic data that shows a previous history of similar events The destruction of Galveston occurred more than once. Global warming may be occurring but it is also not known if it might suddenly reverse course as there is plenty of evidence for that in past history too. Trends do not go on forever. The Weather may be extreme but that is only proof it is normal. .


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