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Finding Foreclosures in Your Area Online Fast

Finding Foreclosures in Your Area Online Fast Yahoo Now Has a Service that is Very Easy to Use Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Yahoo now offers a search for foreclosures service. I found it by accident and think others should learn about it. It is a fast and easy way to check public record listings of foreclosures in the areas that are covered. It would not search by an entire state but had lots of towns and cities where the foreclosures are mapped. It maybe the most definitive site. The foreclosures in the NYC area were all over 500k where as in Pittsburgh, PA and vicinity, there could be some found for $50,000. Part of the reason is maybe that different jurisdictions list them differently? The listing dollar amount may not be what the properties are available for but how they were assessed before the foreclosure got listed in its jurisdiction. Clearly there are also less expensive homes in Pittsburgh where there is a negative population trend compared to say Vancouver Washington where the foreclosures started at more than $80,000. Fortunately there are pictures but beware the pictures may only be as accurate as yahoo's automatic search mapping. The detail is fine so you go first to yahoo and then can check with the jurisdiction to see if the foreclosures are available on the market from the government or from a bank. Just because a property is on a foreclosures list does not mean that the state or the bank needs intend to sell it. Cities might want to hold on to properties where they might have other plans for land use like in building new schools or just holding the property. Yahoo may not include tax auction foreclosure sales but just information on which homes hit the foreclosure lists. If you are a potential buyer it is just an indicator of what may be available and not what is actually on the market. I recommend having a look: http://realestate/ or just google "Yahoo foreclosure search real estate" and it is easy to find on search engines particularly on .


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