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Global Dumbing Is Completely Sustainable.

Global Dumbing Threatens the Earth and the Universe If We Don't Act Now to Stop It! Scientists Say the Earth is Dumbing . If Their Predictions of Dumbing Are True it Could Be Truly Catastrophic for Intelligent Life Everywhere in the Universe Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Now you can get a graduate degree in global dumbness prevention by reading this article and learning what you need to know to help stop global dumbing. If you are still reading this you are dumb as hell. No degree for you. You are part of the problem and not the solution if you are still reading this. The only way to save the earth is to prevent human dumbness. There is nothing that can be done with people who are still reading this. Formerly we convinced you that global warming threatened the earth. The only way to stop global dumbness now is to make everyone smart as soon as possible. It may already be too late. The prediction that global dumbness will destroy the earth can only be understood with the proper education but even that is at risk of getting really really dumb. Scientists now have proof that dumbness is caused by dumb ideas with are very hard to resist. There must be wide ranging international laws against dumb ideas and their propagation. The less dumb thoughts you think the less dumb you become. The US Congress is working on anti global dumbing legislation that will allow dumb people to sell smarter people their dumbest ideas on an international dumb idea market. Eventually dumb ideas will need to be kept out of the atmosphere where they propagated and rockets will be needed to shoot dumbness into deep outer space or beyond, If we do nothing we will all just become dumber. A Nobel peace prize is available to anyone who can solve this problem before it is too late. For your dumbness Nobel peace prize application just find the Nobel Prizes website which will tell you how to enter to win. .


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