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Living with Phony Ponies

Living with Phony Ponies Having Great Danes in the House More Than Just Having Dogs Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Most great Danes know all about it. People come up to you on the street and say, "What kind of dog is that?" One would think that it is obvious? It s Scooby Doo dog or Marmaduke . One would think a lot more people would know what the name of the breed is. Great Dane owners are not a pretentious type. The Lamborghini dog owners have much more exotic types of dogs and they definitely are hoping you will ask the name of the dog they are walking. Great Dane owners have enough to do holding the leash or leashes to worry about what people are going to ask. It is inevitable , someone will come up and say "Where's the saddle", "Marmaduke! ", "Scooby Doo", or "Scooby Snack.' Once you start walking a great Dane in an urban area you are already prepared for this. Then come the endless people who ask "What kind of dog is that?" and "Can I pet your dog?" Those questions start to get to you because you end up talking more than you are walking the dog. I simply got tired of being asked and came up with appropriate answers including these: "It is not a dog it is a giant land tortoise without the shell." "it is a Schnauzer Poodle" "My dog bites." "What dog?" "My dog takes big chunks./ bites off big chucks." "It is a Phony Pony!" Yes my favorite thing to tell them is "It is a phony pony!" That fits in well with the "where's the saddle?" question. As for the people who constantly ask if they can pet my dog I sometimes have a sign that reads, "pet my dog for $1." I put it around my neck with a string and walk the dog down the street. That proves to get an interesting reaction because people actually do give me a dollar to pet my dog and others seeing them paying to pet my dog get angry and start telling me to stop "pimping my dog." I turned "Pet my dog for $1" into an art form" a couple of evening. I put sun glasses and bunny ears on the dog and made between 9 and 14 dollars each time. Of course the money went to the dog. So many pictures were taken of my dog that I felt like one of those Tijuana zebra donkey photo carts. Great Danes don't mind wearing sun glasses because they see out the sides and not straight ahead and the glasses stay on my well trained dogs with ease. Dogs and even phony ponies like getting petted by strangers when they are getting paid for it. This is part of the mastery of owning Great Danes. The strangest great Dane story yet is how one of my Dogs got invited up to a big party in a hotel one evening. It is definitely a phony pony story. The dog , I think it was Pericles, was wearing his sun glasses and rabbit ears or just the sun glasses and I let a friend walk him around down town Portland while i minded my shop. What happened was they walked by the entrance to the hotel and some of the party guests invited my friend and the dog into the hotel and up the elevator to the ball room. The guy brought my dog back late and I asked him what happened and he told me that Pericles , got invited to a party in a big hotel and they both got free food and drinks. Who knows what other doors the dog opened for him or where else they went ? Is that a phony pony story or what? .


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