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People Desperately Seeking Jobs Have Started to Impersonate Illegal Aliens

People Desperately Seeking Jobs Have Started to Impersonate Illegal Aliens: American Citizens are sending their children to the border these days without ID so they can go on welfare. As Jobs Become Scarce in the Bad Economy Many People Are Pretending to Be Illegal Aliens to Land Employment Lex Loeb Contributor Network . Now who is taking jobs away from whom? Even the lowest paying jobs for Illegal aliens are in great demand. Lining up on street corners where the day worker illegals gather to find drive by job offers the illegals are now increasingly being joined by the legitimate legal unemployed. Here is a guide to joining the ranks of the illegal aliens in seeking lousy jobs. In Portland ,Oregon most of the illegal alien workers at the curb are Mexican. The first thing one wants to do to get one of these jobs is fit in. If you have blond hair dye it brown. Learn a little Spanish because your potential employer will probably speak no Spanish and will order you around in English seeded with a few mispronounced words. At worst you Will need an English Spanish pocket phrase book if you employer actually does speak Spanish. Before going to the curb be sure you have a valid passport just in case the INS descends on the place you are working. Keep your passport hidden on you at all times because if you get deported to Mexico or Guatemala it can be hell on earth having to go to the US embassy or consulate and try to prove you are not Mexican after having been deported. The INS agents know that many illegal Mexican aliens look like naturalized Americans and often speak perfect American English. That is no barrier to deportation. If want a nice one way free vacation flight tell them you are from Brazil or Argentina. Hide your passport but make sure you take it with you. Chances are you won't be going anywhere because your employer may be a restaurant owner paying just $4 an hour for a cook or a busboy. If you get this job there is no over time , no paper work and no unemployment or social security tax withholding. In Portland there are many restaurants where you cannot even be considered for hiring for certain jobs unless you are at the curb with the rest of the illegal aliens. Unfortunately most of the jobs will be for window washing and landscaping. It is good exercise and the work is available. What about illegal aliens mad that you are not one of them and on their job turf? Tell them you are an illegal alien from Britain or Ireland they may believe that but usually only if you can say it in Spanish. You can also tell them that you will leave them the better paying jobs in meat packing. No mater what you do the Mexican illegals will give you a dirty look and call you names that are worse than "gringo." Develop a fake Mexican Accent for your protection. At the end of a ten hour day you will be rewarded with $40 or less if your employer is unfair. It is better than being in the soup kitchen line. In times like these when Hillary Clinton is telling the American people that the destruction of the economy is a real opportunity to seize power so that she and the administration are manufacturing fear you should hurry and get in line at the curb now with the illegal aliens before the opportunity is gone. Things can only get worse with this presidential administration that believes in governing with financial security fear. The best thing is if you get an illegal alien job it is tax free. When things really get bad and Americans have to cross the border in to Mexico to try to get illegal jobs there, As Hillary Clinton promises, things will only get worse as the Administration tries to destroy all of the nations medical practices , private hospitals and make all existing energy development industries illegal then you really will need to go try to find a job in Mexico. The green jobs that Obama promises are for people who recycle cans and pick up litter along the freeway and they will pay less than illegal aliens get paid because the real cost of taxes will be higher. While you are working as an illegal alien you should independently apply for federal or state employment there you will be able to get $40 an hour jobs digging holes and filling them but those jobs are extremely limited. You will need a reference from a political insider to get one. The best way to do this is to call your local senator and tell them that you have been reduced to working as an illegal alien and that you want a reference from them that you voted for them in the last election. That way they will know you are qualified. It will help to tell them that you lost your home in foreclosure due to something that was sub prime. If you know what that something was you probably are not qualified. .


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