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Stop Paying Your Mortgage Payments Now

Stop Paying Your Mortgage Payments Now The Obama Administration Gives You the House for Free If You Are in Foreclosure! Lex LoebContributor Network . The way the new laws to save homeowners in foreclosure are being written could be the biggest government give away in world history! Why are you still paying your mortgage when all you have to do is fall into foreclosure to get your home for free? With all the idiot big mouths talking about what a great idea this is to save the US economy by propping up home price by any means possible and News Week saying we are all communists now, you are an idiot to be paying off your mortgage even if you can afford to do so! Welcome to Havana! The next phase of the plan will be what? The national guard coming to your home to decide if you keep it or someone else gets to own it? The Obama administration has to be conscious that it is attempting to create a financial Armageddon. It has to be intentional because the outcome can only be disastrous. If everyone quits paying their debts because the government condones that and lets the debtors keep the property then the banks are already dead. This is not nationalization of the banks it is national financial suicide. The gold buying hysteria goes on with prices more than 3 times basic intrinsic value for the metal which is a bad sign. This is not about being rational it is about creditors saying to the government by their actions (buying gold) that their capital is going to move out of the system to stay safe from government's destructive forces. The next phase is capital of the nation moving overseas. There is no point in loaning money in a country with no collateral protections. That is what this Obama administration is signaling as the expectation with this stop paying your mortgage policy. No bank can survive this kind of give away at their expense . How can the bank pay back it's depositors and so what if the government guarantees deposits? The only way at some point the government will be able to do that is by confiscating the gold FDR Style because no foreigner is going to want to hold US dollars. Check the fine print in the law to save home owners from foreclosure and see if the privilege to become involved in the program extends out into the future. If it does it means the US is a doomed economy because there is no one out there dumb enough to continue paying their mortgage if they get the house for free by not making the payments. It is one thing to give people more time to pay what they owe and quite another to reward them for making completely stupid economic decisions. Why? Because the stupid economic decisions become the smart decisions to make. There is one more thing you need to know before you stop paying your mortgage due and that is to be sure you continue paying your property taxes because the government will not tolerate any lapse in your obligation to pay them! Your home belongs to society if you don't pay your taxes! Maybe that was a bad law to begin with too? One would think that government would want to cut your taxes first so you could pay off your mortgage first instead of destroying the banks they have to guarantee? If everyone who does not pay gets their home for free than suddenly everyone realizes no one owns anything necessarily. The Obama administration does not believe in private property rights either so then just expect total chaos. Convert all your assets to gold and immigrate to a country that is not going to explode if you can find one. The problem with that thesis is the only countries you can go to then are countries you can drive to because if you go though an airport the government is looking for anyone trying to move gold over a border or from state to state and they xray all baggage now to find it. Its a big crime to take more money out of the country that is over 10,000 you have not reported. If you report you are moving gold you probably will be arrested as an economic terrorist under this crazy administration. Of course you can ship as much money overseas to secret accounts if you are Bernie Madoff. That brings up the next problem which is that when government makes economic activity impossible people find a way around it illegally . Welcome to Argentina of the north! The administration keeps this crap up expect martial law , impeachment proceedings and possibly a military coup in full Argentine Latin American Style. This is hardly the first time in US history that real estate values have fallen below the cost of ownership so why all the hysteria this time? The horrible thing is it all started with Bush who must have known what he was doing was going to cause more destruction than ever. If Bush was our Nero than Obama maybe our Caligula! If this is the big idea for Change for the country prepare yourself for martial law. Want to own your house free and clear? Stop paying the mortgage stupid! .


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