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The Old New Laws of Physcis Page ....almost lost on the net...copied again. From 1997

The outdated new laws of phyics page Posted by lex loeb on Monday, October 25, 2010 GRAVITY RESEARCH PROGRAM----NEW LAWS OF PHYSICS 10-7-1997 GRAVITY RESEARCH PROGRAM--UFOM-GRP = PO BOX 6056 PORTLAND, OREGON 97228-6056 <><><><><><><><><><><><>><><><><><><><><>><><><><><><><><> THIS SITE IS ABOUT THAT MOST MYSTERIOUS OF FORCES--GRAVITY. MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT GRAVITY AND TRILLIONS OF HOURS OF HUMAN MOVTION HAS GONE INTO STUDYING GRAVITY. FROM Sir Isaac Newton onward we obtain the word "gravity"? or at least the concept...I have not studied the etemology of the word. One of the reasons gravity seems so mysterious is that if one goes to physics text books the dynamics of gravity are always well defined but the causes are conspicuously absent. The gravity research program began at the UFO Museum in portland , Oregon as the result of a large number of Astrophysics books on the premisies and a lot of time to go through them.....The basic discovery that precipitated the full blow Gravity research program was the placing of a Standard toy radiometer in the museum's display windows.....and research on its dynamic atributes....It turned out there was a relatively major mistake in the literature. Not entirely a falacy of logic but indeed a mistake involving systematic logic. This would prove to be the key to understanding gravity. I was apparently am not the only person to have made the observations...but I have been able to clarify a simple proof from radiometer observations that accurately describe the behavior of the 'Photon'---as an object that cannot have mass or impart mass, nor have momentum....but the photon can and does indeed have a lot to do with the cause of gravity. The project did not start with the notion that the force of gravity should somehow be derived from individual atomic particles but it ultimately lead there...should i re-write physics books I probably would have to start by saying that it is logical that mater itself has the means to create the force of gravity---why? because in nature there is no gravity outside of the context of mater being present. Next the story of dimensional expansion and how this is the primary cause of radiometer behaivor contrary to what text books allege. it is explained below or in other Gravity research program texts. Dimensional expansion is essentailly a doppler atomic dynamic...and it helps to explain a lot of previously unexplained physics. Look at the radiometer proof and in time you will see there is no going back. So if Gravity is derived from the individual atoms in our might as how ? Its cause turns out to be first and foremost dimensional expansion of atoms and the subequent sharing of interior atomic space among atoms. Higher density even in elemental metals requires dimensional expansion as the cause....It all has to do with the shape and electrostatic balance of maks a direct link to magnetism though it is not universally present due to gravity....but the relationship cannot be disputed where it is present. An atomic explosion is an interesting event in physics as it allows an instanteous expansion of mater from higher density to much lower density....gravity is in a sense he opposite of an explosion (true anti gravity). Gravity achieves high density but its cause is the input of energy whether kenetic or thermodynamic...It is now a proven fact thanks to the radiometer proofs. So Gravity does originate in the individual atoms so long as excess energy is available. This excess can come from kenetic inputs as well as thermodynamic EM input...some of this is clearly kenetic at the atomic level and that is what the radiometer shows. The new laws of physics below may at this point need some correction....but they are on track for further study. -----Theoretical physics is a mistake with its confusing mathmatic extrapolated modeling usually taken to the nth degree--that creates variable conflicts rather than a more down to earth empirical model of cosmic realities that seeks invarable relationships which can be tested and retested. Here at the Gravity Research Program a unit of UFOM-USA. We have taken the empirical approach gone back to the college physics book and rechecked some of the most basic physics assumptions on an empirical basis---and we have found some basis mistakes in assumptions and logic. We are not interested in "free energy" or alchemy or Einstein Astrology--we also looked into this and found that they too are not empirical based science. We went back in time and worked with Newton's Prism--and found that all visible light is first absorbed by the glass before being re-emmitted--this is actually an amazing discovery--in that it provides not an understanding of the nature of the photon and atomic structure--which is almost always described as it is sensed in nature--by eletromagnetic energy--We re-did the cavandish experiment--heating the massive spheres--and discovered that gravity is hot. We did a comparative analysis of radiometers and cathode ray tubes and discovered dimensional expansion of mater--and solid state convection and can now offer absolute proof that photons have no mass but impart gravity. We have redone young's double slit experiment and have proven that the wave lengh analogy is false--because the wave is a property of mater exposed to energy as opposed to a property of energy itself. (Newton was right after all) We have now shown that a fillament reaction will occur if one creates intense simulated gravity--by using a super high velocity cyclotron--we have recently redesigned our cyclotron and added the components present in so called cold fusion cells and have been able to produce a direct electrical current--and we are now worried that if we increase the velocity any further we risk a hot fusion reaction and a possible "melt down". You can try all of our epxeriments at home--but the trick is logic based on invariance of principles in all observations. Below are some of our new laws of physics--some contain semantic mistakes as others are tentive pending more research. Your comments are welcome--tell us were nuts! Then go look at our radiometer comparison proof and you will become a nut too. (in a pure vacuum radiometer without gas particles, the black white vanes move in opposite direction as they do in the more common rarified gas model--the key to understanding what is happening is that both the white sides and the black sides of the vanes are exposed to an equal amount of light energy--but the vane moves in the opposite direction that it would if light had mass and therefore momentum--the white side is actually falling into the black side because the blackside haveing aborbed more energy has more Gravity! Yes I said gravity! and its go to be true--the only reason that gas in a rarified gas radiometer moves in the opposite direction is because the gas particles are drawn--or more correctly activated by dimensional expansion of the black side of the vane--this produced the observed convection current--its gravity nonetheless--We are amazed by the simplicity of this empircal proof-and you will be too --once it sinks in!) 1.THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY IS (SOLID-STATE) CONVECTION. 2.GRAVITY IS AN OPEN ENDED INERTIAL-FLOW MECHANISM--LIKE A VACUUM. THIS IS WHY ITS INFLUENCE IS DETECTED OVER VERY GREAT DISTANCES AS PER LAW OF INVERSE SQUARE FORCE PER DISTANCE. 3.THE HOT NEWTON (APPLE) FALLS FASTER THAN THE COLD NEWTON. YOU CAN CREATE GRAVITY AT HOME! 4.GRAVITY IS "THERMODYNAMIC"--IT REQUIRES A NET ENERGY INPUT PER ANY UNIT OF TIME--A GRAVITATIONAL OBJECT NECESISSARILY HAS THE PROPERTIES OF BEING "HOT". ASTROPHYSICAL EVIDENCE BARES THIS OUT--THE OBJECTS HAVING THE MOST GRAVITY ARE THE BRIGHTEST--HAVE THE MOST SO CALLED "BLUE SHIFT" 5. IT IS POSSIBLE FOR AN OBJECT TO MOVE INTO ITSELF WHEN EXPOSED TO ELECTRO-MAGNETIC ENERGY--IN AN ASYSMETRICAL SITUATION. THE DIRECTION OF THE MOTION IS NECESSARIIY FROM COLD TO HOT--THIS IS WHAT IS TERMED SOLID STATE CONVECTION. IT CAN BE SEEN IN ACTION IN TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF RADIOMETERS. 6. YOUNG'S DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT OFFERS A FALSE ANALOGY OF WAVE BEHAVIOR OF LIGHT--MOVE THE SLIT PLATE BETWEEN THE LIGHT SOURCE AND THE DETECTION SCREEN AND WATCH THE FOCUS CHANGE--THE WAVE PROPERTIES OBSERVED ARE NOT OF LIGHT BUT OF THE MATERIAL DETECTOR AND INTERFERING SLIT PLATE-ALL INTERFERENCE IS WITHIN MATER CORRESPONDING TO SPECTRUM FREQUENCY--THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT PHOTONS INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER IN A VACUUM. THERE IS NO EVICENE THAT PHOTONS ARE IN ANYWAY INFLUENCED BY MAGNETISM AND/OR GRAVITY. PHOTONS ARE EXLCUSIVELY INFLUENCED BY MATER. PHOTONS ARE ABORBED, REFLECTED, REFRACTED, DEFRACTED, RE-EMITTED USUALLY AT LOWER SPECTRUM FREQUENCIES AFTER BEING ABSORBED. HIGHER FREQENCY PHOTONS TEND TO BE MORE "TRANSPARENTING" THAN LOWER FREQUENCY PHOTONS--AS GAMMA CAN PASS DIRECTLY THROUGH MATER WITHOUT BEING EVEN SLIGHTLY REFRACTED. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE IN ASCERTAINING THE RELATIONSHIP OF PHOTONS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO ELECTRONS IN ORBIT ABOUT ATOMIC NUCLEI. THE CORRESPONDENCE OF PHOTON FREQUENCY AND ELECTRON ORBIT ACROSS THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC SPECTRUM MAKES A NIFTY TABLE OF RELATIONSHIPS. 7.PHOTONS DO NOT IMPART MASS BUT THEY DO IMPART GRAVITY PER UNIT TIME. 8.THE DOPLER EFFECT IS A FALSE ANALOGY IN EXPALINING SO CALLED RED AND BLUE SHIFT IN ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS--AS ONLY INTENSITY OF LIGHT IS AFFECTED BY DOPLER EFFECT NOT FREQUENCY OF LIGHT--WHICH IS ONLY AFFECTED BY MATERIAL INTERFERENCE. 9. INTERFERENCE OF RADIATION BY RADIATION NEVER OCCURS WITHOUT MATERIAL SUBSTANCE INVOLVED. 10.PHOTONS DO NOT IMPART MASS WHEN ABSORBED BY SUBSTANCE THEY ADD potential GRAVITY AS AN OPEN ENDED INERTIAL FORCE.. 11. SUPER ATOMS ARE NOT BLACK HOLES. CERTAINLY NOT BLACK AS THEY ARE VERY BRIGHT HOT AND HIGHLY GRAVIATIONAL. THERE IS ONE AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH THESE SUPER ATOMS CONTAIN NO ELECTRONS.- PROTONS AND NEUTRONS SHARE EACH OTHER'S SPACE CASTING ELECTRONS OUT. THIS MATERIAL IS STABLE-NON-RADIOACTIVE--UNLESS QUICKLY RELEASED FROM HIGH PRESSURE (TEMPERATURE) CONDITIONS. ONCE AGAIN THIS IS SOLID STATE CONVECTION. THE SUPER ATOMS CAUSE GRAVITY VACUUMS IN THE VISINITY OF STARS AND PLANETS. 12. THE SUN ABSORBS MORE ENERGY THAN IT TRANSMITS. ENERGY NECESSARILY INCLUDES BOTH E AND M AS PER E=MC2... 13. THE SOLAR WIND ORBITS THE EARTH IN BOTH PLANETARY SOLAR PLANE ORBITS AND ECCENTRIC ORBITS--CREATING A VAST CONVECTION CURRENT.--PLANETS TAKE THEIR CHARACTERIST ELIPTICAL ORBITS IN PART DUE TO THE FORCE OF THE SOLAR WINDS. THE SOLAR PLANE IS DUE TO FORCES OUTSDE OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM--NORTH AN SOUTH--THE EXISTENCE OF LARGE COSMIC VACUUM CELLS. 14.THE LARGER AN OBJECT IN SPACE THE GREATER THE FORCE IS EXHERTED BY FINE PARTICLES IN A VACUUM-- SEE PHOTOS OF COMETS WITH EDDIES BEHIND THEM. PLAY WITH A RARIFIED GAS RADIOMETER IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IT. 15.VACUUM GAS CELLS ARE THE LARGEST STRUCTURES IS THE UNIVERSE (THEY CONTAIN PLASMA AT ABSOLUTE ZERO--PRIMARILY --THIS MATERIAL IS HIGHLY ENERGY RICH ALTHOUGH VERY DIFFUSE--A VACUUM CELL HAS THE CONSISTANCY OF AN OBJECT IN ITS OWN RIGHT--EACH IS A RESERVOIR OF ENERGY. SOME MAY HAVE POSITIVE AND SOME NEGATIVE CHARGES.) 16. THE SUN IS A LEADING EDGE AT THE INTERSECTION OF AT LEAST TWO COLLIDING VACUUM GAS CELLS. THESE CELLS ARE THE PRIMARY SOURCE OF THE SUN'S NET ENEGY=MATER GAIN/TIME PERIOD. 17. THE ANDROMEDA GALAXY IS A REFLECTION OF THE MILKYWAY--AS ITS IMAGE WOULD CURVE DUE TO THE EFFECTS OF THE MILKEYWAY'S GRAVITY AND SUCTION IF IT WERE NOT A REFLECTION. MANY OTHER GALAXIES ARE ALSO REFLECTIONS OF THE MILKYWAY AT OTHER POINTS IN OUR HISTORY. 18. A SUSPENDED HOT METAL SPHERE WILL CAUSE A CONVECTION CURRENT IN THE ATMOSPHERE. IN SPITE OF BEING SUSPENDED IT WILL ACCELERATE TOWARD THE EARTH DUE TO INCREASED GRAVITY--USE AS YOUR CONTROL AN IDENTICAL SPHERE THAT REMAINS COLD OR FROZEN. USE SMOKE TO SEE THE CONVECTION CURRENT. THE CONVECTION CURRENT RESULTING FROM THE HOT SPHERE TAKES THE FORM OF A STREAMLINE EFFECT AWAY FROM THE EARTH--BECAUSE THE SMOKE IS ACCELERATING AWAY FROM THE EARTH--DUE TO THE HOT METALIC SPHERE THE COMBINED VELOCITY AT THE PARTICLE LEVEL SUGGESTS AN ADDED ACCELERATION TOWARD THE EARTH'S GRAVITATIONAL FIELD. TRY IT. GO BACK TO OUR LAW OF DETECTION OF DISTANCE ABOVE. 19. THE DENSER AN OBJECT, THE MORE GRAVITY IT HAS (SPECIFIC GRAVITY) THIS IS WHY GOLD IS FOUND AT THE BOTTEM OF A RIVERBED JUST ABOVE BEDROCK IF IT IS UNABLE TO PENETRATE. PLANETARY DATA CONFIRMS THAT DENSITY IS NECESSARILY RELATED TO GRAVITY. THE HOT SPHERE ABOVE BECOMES DENSER--IF IT TURNS RED OR WHITE HOT IT IS EVEN DENSER YET! 20. USING THE PRINCIPLE OF DIMENSIONAL EXPANSION--IT IS NOW POSSIBLE TO SHOW THE CAUSE OF SO CALLED COLD FUSION--AND LEADS TO A NEW AND IMPROVED MEANS OF CREATING ENERGY FROM PALADIUM AND HEAVYWATER--AND A LOT MORE PREDICTABLE ENERGY THAN IS PRODUCED BY AN ELECTROSIS COLD FUSION FUEL CELL--DONT FIZZ IT SPIN IT--AND SPIN IT FAST-- BY MAKING A SPECIAL SHAPED CONE AND FILLING IT WITH HEAVYWATER AND VARIOUS METALS--MOUNTED IN AN UNTRAFAST CENTROFUGE IT IS POSSIBLE TO ILLUMINATE THE PLADIUM AS A FILLAMENT--PRODUCE A DIRECT CURRENT AND IF YOU SPIN IT FAST ENOUGH GIVE YOU A MELT DOWN WITH REAL LIVE HOT FUSION--ITS EASY AND DANGEROUS TO DO THIS--MOUNT YOUR CENTROFUGE IN A VACUUM CHAMBER IN CASE YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT AIR FRICTION BEING THE CAUSE OF THE OBSERVED CURRENT--DONT BELIEVE IT TRY IT? TO PREVENT MELT DOWN LIMIT YOUR FUEL TO A TINY PERCENTAGE OF ORDINARY WATER--WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR----USE A REMOTE VIDEO MONITOR--TAKE YOUR APARATUS OUT TO A DESERT--ACTUALLY I DONT KNOW--HOW--FORTUNATELY I CANNOT SPIN FAST ENOUGH TO ACHIEVE MY WORST FEARS OF HOT FUSION--BUT YOUR CENTROFUGE MAYBE "ROCKET" POWERED--IN WHICH CASE YOU COULD BE IN TROUBLE. THE KEY TO KNOWING THAT YOU YOUR RISKING HOT FUSION--IS IN REALIZING THAT SIMULATED GRAVITY IS THE REAL THING--WHEN YOU ARE FORCING ATOMIC NUCLEI TO FUSE--THE ELECTRONS HAVE TO BE DRAWN OFF QUICKLY TO PREVENT A DANGEROUS FILLAMENT. I AM NOT INCLUDING THE PROPRIETARY INFO HERE--BUT I WILL SAY YOU NEED A HIGH TEMPERATURE INSULTATING CONICAL SHAPE--YOU CAN PUT THE METAL IN AS A FINE SUPER SATURATED SUSPENSION IN WATER AND HAVE A CONICAL STRUCTUE OF METAL IN THE HEAD OF THE CONE--THERE ARE OTHER DESIGNS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK BETTER--YOUR DOING SOMETHING WRONG IF THE TIP OF THE CONE GLOWS--ITS THE OTHER END THATS SUPPOSED TO COLLECT THE FREE ELECTRONS--AS THEY ARE MUCH LIGHTER THAN THE SUPERATOMIC PARTICAL THAT YOU WILL CREATE IN THE HEAD OF THE CONE. WebSpawner Page Machineti Photo cells/ Radiometers the ufo museum portland oregon Transformers (art) alien dance craze Send E-Mail to: Free Webpages This page created using the webpage creation facilities of Webspawner. Copyright © 2002 Lex Loeb. All Rights Reserved


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