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Tonight i realized why aliens would use flying sausers instead of rockets and it has nothing to do with flying fast across the cosmos.

The problem with super fast space travel is not traveling at high speed  The problem is stopping once you are traveling at high speed.    In our solar system we can use planets and moons to get space craft to slow down or rev up their speed.  Say you wanted to visit a far away star and you got up to or above the speed of light how are you going to stop at the star you want to visit and do it safely? it won't be easy unless you catch up to a star going approximate the same speed your space ship is then you don't have to slow down. Otherwise you have to start slowing down  about half the distance you are traveling to get down to a reasonably slow speed to meet up with the star or planet you plan to visit. You can't stop on a dime. that would be like hitting a rock wall.  If you have an elongated tube as your rocket  you can have a thruster in the front of the rocket to slow it down gradually but that could be the same as hitting a wall or a tree if you trust too much  ahead of you to bring you to a stop.  A flying saucer allows you to have thrusters all around  it..they can spin you but they can also create centrifugal force or the reverse force of centrifugal force. So the flying saucer shape may be perfect for slowing down and coming to a stop.


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