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Without my DNA coding I would have no sense of consciousness or wonder , no conceptions and no theories.  Code and deciphering of code once led to the notion that God's universe, and it was God's at that time was governed by his laws of nature. Science was made of  observations  that were coded  with metric interpretation.  Anything observed that reoccurs becomes a schematic system as seen as natural logistics.  If A  and B happen then C is the result.  Action , reaction .interaction, conclusion leads to prediction and prediction is assessed as a event with science knowing in advance. Probability is the primary dimension of physical reality before point, lines , planes and three dimensional geometries.  Our science codifies our observations and we build schematic models from the periodic table and the electromagnetic spectrum which are  absolutely linked together in myriads of probabilities.  DNA that makes this thinking possible is coded from the order in the periodic table and it takes the electro magnetic spectrum to make any inference or deduction.  Plug in the oscilloscope , light a candle or turn on the CERN super collider and nothing happens without both mater and electromagnetic energy interacting.  Trees can fall in the forest , galaxies can collide but without photon radiation there is really no way for any detection.    A  Cat in a black box , dead and alive or either dead or alive does not have any possibility of being perceived without electromagnetic radiation. you need both the photon and the mass of 'atoms'  to achieve any sort of observation with any device.  Devices and animal senses require specialized tissues or material structures and chemistries to detect the range of varieties of everything possible that can be observed in anyway but not all elements interact with every wave/ frequency of electromagnetic energy.   The basic code of the universe is no analogy of string theory nonsense but it has to be an intersection of the electromagnetic spectrum and the periodic table . variables beyond that are states of nature across those two intertwined tables. But that reduces back to a basic code of interaction of photons and atoms and we can recode with an 'energy' table.

Now that it is clear that photons have no mass and impart no energy in transmission and are pure code  that acts  at very close range between atoms and than later radiates mostly as waste because the density of code at close range leads to more predictable results of probability.  God smiles. The universe is coded and as we attempt to decode it with our constraints of science we need to simplify our basic code so it measures 'favorable' probability for a predictable event.  Atoms need not be made of any components other than the interactions of pure code.   It no wonder that animals made from the complexity of DNA code should want to look out at the whole universe of reality and see a coded scientific  or even magical order.  next time you turn on CERN rethink what the experiment is really all about. having a couple of photons collide because you  have exposed them to redundant code yields what may just be a rather unnatural output of code radiation.


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