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Impossible Burger Worse Than Junk Food!

Now that the new fake meat companies are swarming to go public on wall street including impossible foods and  beyond meat .It is about time to start checking the basic ingredients of their products.   The impossible burger has 40 percent dietary saturated fat per serving .  Is that more than butter? It advertises it has protein but if you want to go crazy with protein you can just eat a spoon full of whey found in all those dietary protein supplements.  The beyond burger has 30 percent saturated fat.  Good old Morningstar farms fake bacon from Kellogg's has only 7 percent dietary saturated fat per serving.  Back in the days I was a morning star shareowner. I among other share owners wrote the company and stopped them from hyping the product full of saturated Crisco fat like these new comers in the industry are doing. Kellogg's also thought of hyping the saturated fat taste and has resisted doing so. Morningstar farms came out of the 7th day Adventists vegetarian culture of Loma Linda California which is home to one the oldest populations of centenarians on the planet .  If they are going to eat high saturated fats it might as well be butter or high fat cheese and not pure hydrogenated or unsaturated saturated natural coconut oil that happens to be one of the biggest ingredients by amounts in these new fake meat products. Don't fall for the hype. buy Kellogg's stock and buy their morning star product instead because even if it tastes less like mean it is not pure saturated fat added to you vegetarian or vegan diet.


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