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Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber is the father of the Greeen New Deal

A Brief History of the Green New Deal.  The real author and father of the green new deal was the crazy bomber, Ted Kaczynski, the PhD Hermit bomber.  He was the ultimate useful idiot for the Democrat eco-totalitarians .    Ecology pseudo science is the ultimate means of promoting totalitarian power  based on the myth that everything has a place and purpose in nature and it is unalterable or the cosmos unravels.  It is the ancient cosmological concept of the web of life usually known as the great chain of being.  Any break in the chain will cause damage to the whole of the cosmos.  It is not science. It does not take into considerations everything we know about natural history where there are plenty of transformations in nature and lots of feed back relationships.  So armed with this total bs the democrats who want totalitarian power are finding success in reducing the idiot class.  Ted Kaczynski is actually the father of their present totalitarian world view for their power grab .  You better believe that everything you are and every thing you own is at risk with this green new deal.  They intend to tell you what you can do in your life and what you can't and most of what you do now won't be legal as soon as they take power.  Will they save the cosmos?  No . Will they stop the deterioration of nature?  No because nature is not deteriorating but they do intend to grab total power will get super rich and will bomb everything and everyone to grab more power, more influence and more control so they can live in the largest palaces.


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