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Ending endless riots and violent protests is easy.

Both Russia and China figured out that the protests around the planet were  growing in frequency and in duration.  Starting with the wave of so called Arab spring protests and going to the orange vest protest in Paris and France, protests in Iran, and now Antifa and BLM protests that never seem to end the Russians and Chinese governments quickly realized smart phones in every pocket were the cause.  In no other time in history could so many people become part of the logistics of a planned protest movement.  The Chines , Iranians , Egyptians and Russians , Turks, and more found they only had to shut down cell phone service to end the underlying organization of these spontaneous group behaviors.  The Chinese and Russians as well as the Iranians wanted totally off the world internet grid and have created their own outside of the sphere of the world wide web or they still can just shut down the service entirely.  If police in the USA need to control violent never ending protests they have to start impounding cell phones and even temporarily shutting off access to the people  they hae to arrest.  That will put an end to some of the problem . Arresting , detaining for id, photographing mug shuts, collecting DNA and finger prints form suspects for a searchable online data base will also help end the violent protest and looting that goes on.    Recent event including swarms of looters were notified on cell phones.  It can all be done constitutionally.  First of all it is just temporary  . everyone gets their phone and phone service back after an investigation.  Anyone found to be not involved comes off the data base and receives s an apology.


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