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Soon you will get your anti-gravity floating car. Levitate Anything on Earth with Remote Quantum Lunar Tidal Entanglement (RQLTE)

I can levitate anything on Earth.  The Ocean,  The Eiffel Tower, The leaning tower of Pisa, The Whitehouse, Cars, Cats, and more!  Cats!   OK to tell the truth there is nothing anti-gravity about it.  It is Tidal displacement targeting with the transmission of a tidal signal being focused. Unfortunately for save the universe people this totally industrializes the Moon at least until we can get things started on a distant supermassive neutron star.  The initial process requires some heavy lifting on the moon.  The device involved can be tested on a satellite orbiting in free fall but it needs sufficient mass to generate a tidal directive and for that, the closest object is the moon.  I suppose we can levitate an ant with a satellite with tidal quantum entanglement but is levitating one ant worth it?   How it works?  Think of the water above a hydroelectric dam.  It has potential energy just because of elevation but it also has a tidal force and if the dam is emptied that tidal force is diminished.  No one relates potential water power to fall and turn a turbine with tidal forces but they ought to.  How to direct the tidal force to a specific object or set of objects would seem to be the next problem.  The analogy again is the dam.  Releasing the water in a channel that leads to the turbine is how it is done.  Quantum entanglement at a distance also is directed.  You can imagine that the entire universe knows about the tidal effects of the sun and moon on the earth.  We also know that tidal forces diminish but don't go away in the larger cosmos.  Somewhere at a distance, it can always be detected.  The speed of tidal force might as well be faster than the speed of light.  Soon in my first experiment, I will levitate something in front of the cameras of a lunar probe already there.  Remember I did it.  

*for those unaware: the lunar tide on earth affects the earth on the opposite side of visible exposure to the moon.  The opposite side experiences the tidal effect too in the oceans, ground, and atmosphere.  which shows a mechanism to pipeline the effect where you want them.


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